Monday, December 23, 2013

December 23, 2013

HOWWWWWWWWWDAAAAAAAAAYYYY! A big Texas Birthday celebration for Kate today!! xoxo
Wait Christmas is this week....? I thought it was MAY with the weather we are having! :) It is so weird to be so sunshiny and warm (at least for the most part). But we are so excited to talk to y'all!!!
Mama thanks for the package and I will keep my eye out for the one coming for Sister K. Thank you SO much for doing that! Also I didn't know I wasn't supposed to open it till Christmas......... so I did. BUT I didn't look or read anything...I am waiting. But we are way excited for the muffins Christmas morning! And I know you said you didn't like the pillowcase color but we laughed at your note about them being puke green, and we like them fine! Also we finally had the Christmas party. It was really fun. We had to act out Christmas songs and man some missionaries are creative. "Grandma got ran over by a reindeer" was probably my favorite. :) Do you want all the stocking you sent me back? I have like 4 or five now? The package is great! It is such a good idea and way fun to open presents everyday!!
I also found this past Monday the perfect souvenirs for the Grandma's and something great to hang on the stairs! It was a dream come true! I'll wait to give them to you until I get home!
Christmas day we are eating dinner with a member of the bishopric and will talk to you at 2 my time. YAYA! Make sure my babies are on so they aren't scared of me when I get home! So excited to see y"all!

Mom, we are over like 5 sets of sisters so to see them in two weeks would be hard, plus one of the weeks we have a missionary leadership training so that would be 3 in one week and with preparation days and weekly planning days they sadly cancelled exchanges. But that's okay I know I have been called at this time so it all works out.
We have been having a rough time this past week especially. Literally EVERYONE is gone away for this month. And then we had one girl we were teaching and she is NOT progressing and told us that the more she researches the Book of Mormon (mind you she hasn't even read any of it!), that the more she thinks it isn't true! Heartbreaking! But Sister K is awesome, and suggested we fast to help us and this area. So we did on Friday and we just feel so much better and we have seen some really cool miracles since then!! Like we have been trying this kid named Alex for a while but he was out of town for 2 weeks and then when we went to see him on Saturday we were talking to him about what he had talked to missionaries about before in California and come to find out he was BAPTIZED! Which we count as a huge blessing that Heavenly Father lead us to him, to help him come back into the fold! We think he didn't realize that this is a worldwide church. So he came to church yesterday. Sadly his family is NOT supportive, but he is headed off to school where he will have a better support group! Then we were out contacting and walked up to this kid on a bench and talked to him about the church. He is from Africa and actually speaks Portuguese: is learning English here and was really interested. So he came to church yesterday (sadly had to cancel on our appointment, but we will be meeting with him tomorrow) and at church we gave him a Book of Mormon and he said that he was really excited because he read about it in the pamphlet we left him and he was wanting to read it! What a huge blessing here!
So life is good, we are just treking along. Hopefully more people will be around after this week, but we are just happy and healthy and excited to talk to all of you! love you lots!
Sister Peterson! 

Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16. 2013


I said I wasn't sure about Skype, BUT we actually just found out we CAN skype. For 45 minutes only this year. So I liked the google plus so I could see everyone. I don't know details of when or where I am even going to do it yet (especially since we are in a ysa and everyone is gone) but we will do it. Just let me know next monday what will work best for y'all and we will try and swing it. I'll also need Mitch's account or something again. 

Oh and the Christmas party is tomorrow. :) YAY! 

I cannot wait to see my babies! Kate sent me funny pictures of Sabree this morning! :)  I don't even really know her! And I love that Mad's told dad she wanted to live with them forever and then 15 minutes later had changed her mind! Too great! I can not wait to see them all! and I am glad we get to skype so that they will be able to see me and wont be scared of me when I fly in! 

Today Sister L got on the plane to fly home. As I think of these past two weeks, and as I started crying in Relief Society yesterday because I don't want this to all come to an end, I am just really really glad I decided to stay here. We are doing some really great things in this ward and I am glad I'm not done yet! Sister K and I have been trying to focus on how to help and miracles are happening. The Spirit was so strong in our ward council yesterday as we brought up the ward mission plan. A new Relief society president (the only sister in the whole ward who is an RM) and a new Elders quorum president this past month have really laid forth the foundation for us to all help each other and change for the better! It was one of the greatest and wonderful experiences I have had working with a ward, and I am excited to see it still unfold. 

Also all 4 of us sisters in the ward were asked last Sunday if we could speak. So yesterday we did. It was really funny because S Kramer was having the hardest time putting her talk together. I told her Saturday that it was probably because she wasn't going to end up speaking and sure enough! She was last on the program and we ran out of time! (that's what happens when they put 4 sister missionaries all on the same Sunday!) But I was asked to speak on  Building the Kingdom with my three main focuses: the Savior's birth, preparing for the 2nd coming through the scriptures, and sharing the gospel with others. Kinda crazy subjects to smoosh together, but I felt so inspired as I prepared and a recent convert told me afterwards that of all the talks she has heard in her year of being a member that mine was the best she has ever heard! I thought that was so sweet of her. The bishop on the other hand afterwards said that this was just preparation for the talk I'll have to give in a month...when I'm home! :) dagger in the heart!! haha no it's okay. But in my talk I felt so inspired to share the hymn, "They, the Builders of the Nation." It was perfect for my topic. I read the first verse at the very beginning and said that this is talking about they who went before us- but I want to talk about us being builders now. So instead to say "WE, the Builders of the Nation." I am so grateful for hymns because I barely know that hymn but the tune came into my mind as I was preparing to speak. I looked it up and knew that I was inspired of God to share it with this ward. I closed my talk by reading the second verse and said that I wanted that verse to be our motto. Look it up. I think Hymn 36. It is a great song. 

Other than that our work is dwindling. Everyone has left for home. But that's okay we are still working hard to bring about a great work! 

With my responsibilities of STL, it means we go on exchanges with all the sisters in our zone. And since there are two zones in Lubbock we are over, it is 2 zones. So there are about 14 of us total! Sister Johnson and I work together so we left our companions in this area and we went on exchanges this past week: Sister T and Sister C. We had a real nice exchange where we go to their area for 24 hours. They are both such amazing sisters and I just really want to help and lift: though they are doing so well there wasn't much lacking there. But it was good to be with Sister C again. So after that exchange I had great ideas on how I can train and provide more assistance and we found out, later on in the week, that since we have our Christmas parties this week, and then Christmas next week that they decided to cancel all of the exchanges for the rest of the transfer! I may or may not have cried when I found that out. I just really wanted the chance to help, and this is my only chance as an STL. But I do know that Sister J and I both prayed about who to see that first week, and even though I don't feel like I did much to help that I can find peace in knowing I was following the Spirit. And Sister K is the nicest and told me that Heavenly Father called me at this specific time for these specific sisters because I could help them in different ways, without going on exchanges with them. So I have been really focusing on praying for each sister, and I have set a goal to give each sister an uplifting quote each time I see them. I am just trying to do what little I can with what little I have. 

So that is life here: deep in the heart of Texas! Where the 16th of December looks like a nice March day. No snow, but always a chilly wind. 

I love and miss you all! 

Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013

Hello Family! Yes it is a cold cold day here in Lubbock Texas. It is a gray gloomy day- it's not snowing but it is misting. Very cold, but luckily we haven't had any ice storms. Some mornings they have us stay inside till the ice on the road melts but other than that no complaints! 

So to explain about that! I have been called as a Sister Training Leader! This is a new position since I have been on my mission, and it is similar to a zone leader- except I am just over the sisters in my zone. So I go on exchanges with them (hence why I will probably not even be around Wednesday). We are there for them to help the Sisters in their needs. It is a brilliant inspired calling to be able to help us as sisters, and to keep relationships between elders and sisters very professional. I am still not sure what all it entails. I just got called on Friday about it, and just got an email about my responsibility. The goal is that one day they will have two STL's be companions like zone leaders, but with the growth of the mission it isn't possible yet due to so many sisters needing to be trained (by the way we got our first shipment of SPANISH sisters to Lubbock this last transfer! so cool!) So I will be working with Sister J who is another STL and she is serving in Plainview. So I am excited to be able to get to help and love all of these girls! There are about 15 sisters in the Lubbock city so this will be busy and exciting!

I am so lucky that I am able to have Sister K as my companion. She is from Spanish Fork and is a TRIPLET! Cool right?! She is absolutely great, and we communicate and get along really REALLY well! Which is such a blessing because we have a lot to accomplish this transfer! Not only am I trying to magnify my calling, but we are working really hard to get this area really organized and working on really being unified with our ward mission leader and bishop. It is very different because it is a YSA and everyone is learning things together. But it is such an exciting time, and I know I have been called to serve with Sister K for a direct reason, and we are going to move mountains this transfer. And really lay the framework for things to boom when the semester starts up again! 

So yes, everyone and their dogs are going to be leaving this week for the 4 week break! Like 90% of our teaching pool! But we are already making great steps with less actives in our ward. We had 1 less active at church yesterday who hasn't been in 8 years. Another who hasn't been all semester. And another who hasn't been in at least 4 years. Plus getting we saw people that come not very often where there too!! It was so great!  

We also had the great opportunity to go to the annual Stake activity called the Nativity. The stake collects nativities and opens it to the public and man was it quite the event. There were 705! nativities. The rooms each had a specific smell, and they had color schemes and all sorts of fanciness! It is so amazing though that it would be something I would want to come back and see every year. They had choir concerts and artists sculpting that you could watch and really just so intense. We were able to watch the Christmas Devotional last night too! It was a really good week! 

Well I love you all! A month from this upcoming Sunday and I'll be seeing you! My planner this month is covered with pictures of my 7 babies! Can't wait to kiss them all!! haha

 Happy Holidays! And don't forget about Elder Ballard's challenge from General Conference! Christmas is coming so don't forget! Love you

Your missionary- Sister P! 

 me with some of my previous comps at the transfer site! 

leaving sister o

Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2103

"Good Morning Good Morning"  (singing in the rain style!)

Yes, we had transfer calls and I am staying here! Sister O is being transferred after NINE months of staying here! She is going to Midland, and I hope this experience is really good for her. And my new companion is going to be Sister K. I have met her before a few times. She has been out about 7 months, and was down in Abilene when I was in San Angelo. She is from Spanish Fork I believe, but I will have more solid info for you next week. I am excited. This transfer has been hard in the most unusual ways. And I am ready to work till I drop! -Are you ready for this?! :)

So next on the agenda to tell you all about is Thanksgiving! It was eventful to say the least! I can only say I am so SO glad that we had the other missionaries with us. So it was us, and the other sisters in our ward (who are staying this transfer too) and then the assistants. So we went to thanksgiving and it was kinda crazy because A, a less active (who is now active!) who we were working with in the Canyon West ward was there (because small world it was her husband's family!) So that was fun. But after I talked to her at first she went to attend to her kids, and all of us missionaries were left by ourselves for like 45 minutes.... Awkward much. It was really weird, we felt super out of place, until eventually they remembered us and told us to come eat. And that's when things got really weird. The dad of the family came and started talking to us about his mission and about how disobedient he was. Going to movies wearing wigs so that he could go! Gag! IT WAS HORRIBLE! Little did he know he was talking to the assistants and us who all thought it was ridiculous! So after standing up to get pie we announced we had to go! It was so contentious and weird, and just gah! But we went back to the church and played games and ended our Thanksgiving well. So the food was good, but man what a ride! 

Other than that this week was pretty slow. Everyone was out of town for Thanksgiving, but it was fun on Friday we were all invited, here in Lubbock, to go decorate the mission home for Christmas. It was really fun, and when we were done we sang Christmas hymns. It was so wonderful! 

Oh also good news, after thinking I might have a sinus infection, we called the Doctor here and he prescribed me some good stuff for my allergies. He told me not to take decongestants, and I now have a nasal spray and pills I take.  Allergy pills are expensive, but I can honestly say I feel SO much better! I can finally breathe through my nose! Hooray- and finally at the end of my mission!!  

Okay I think that's about it! The weather is like spring in Utah. A little windy, but not winter coat weather. Can't complain! Doesn't feel like December though! Miss you all!!

Sister Peterson

our district. the pic is blurry. sorry

Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013


I feel like I have A LOT to update you in the past week, so I'll try and type as fast as I can:

First off, with Thanksgiving not a week away we finally found a place for us to go for Thanksgiving this past Saturday! Their two daughters are in our YSA, and they say they try and have the missionaries at their home each Thanksgiving as a tradition! Thank heavens or else who knows where we might be. :) No I am sure it would have all worked out. I don't know much about them, except Sister O says their kids were all home schooled. Seems like that is a reoccurring thing in my life. It'll be good, the mom told us that she will make us any dish that we request (though I have none- it is a really nice offer!)

Also yes, we got "snowed-in" yesterday. Which means like barely anything, but apparently Texas doesn't own snow plows- and Texans don't know how to drive in the snow. So they cancelled church (which was a BIG bummer for us: not only do we look forward to church all week, but for the first time this transfer we had 3 investigators and a less active who were all planning on being there yesterday! But we know it'll all work out.)  They also had us stay inside all day. And can I just say how happy I am to be out again! It was nice we got lots of paperwork, and letters written, but there is nothing quite like being a missionary cooped up all day! Yuck! But Sister O said it was really good for her, so there was a blessing that came out of it. 

Sister O is doing better. No more big panic attacks. This is a process though, and I am just glad I can be of service. I know that I am with her for a direct reason. For me to learn from her and for her to learn from me. I also can see how all my past experiences have given me the understanding, patience, and will to help her. So I am so grateful for this chance. I just love Sister O. 

Oh by the way transfer calls are coming this Saturday. I'll be shocked if I transfer, for my last transfer: but I do hope I stay with Sister O!

So we are teaching a guy named M, he is from Czech Republic, studying Physical Therapy here at Tech. Sister O has been teaching him for a month or so before I came. Well we finally had our first lesson with him this past week, and he won't accept a baptismal date. I declared after that lesson that young single adult men from ALL nationalities have commitment problems! What is this whole world coming to?! :)

We also have been working hand in hand with the ward council here to rescue and find all the less actives in the ward. So I have been calling all of these unknown people to try and locate them. There have been a few (one in particular) who were not so happy about us calling (I got yelled at), but for the most part it has been really rewarding! One that really warms my heart is a guy named A. He was baptized about 2 years ago, but took a job that had him working on Sundays and he moved from where we last knew he lived. So I called him up, he was one of the few who actually answered, and we set up an appointment. We met this past Wednesday and he said how he has been wanting to come back to church, and that he actually is looking at a job offer that has him working only weekdays, and that this might be his answer to take the job! It was so wonderful! We are going to keep meeting with him, and reteach him the lessons. On the way out of the lesson we asked him if he had been to the temple, which he had, and he told us he has the Aaronic Priesthood and he would really like the Melchizedek priesthood! You don't hear that everyday!! So amazing! 

We had another miracle like that this past week. We had already made our plans for the following day, but while I was preparing for bed a couple came to my mind, to try and see. Mind you I had never seen this couple, only heard about them from Sister O. But our night was already packed with other people we were going to try. But then then next morning they again came to my mind. So we changed our plans and moved things around and fit a time in to try them that evening. And miracle: they were home! I love these amazing blessing of being a missionary! the Spirit is amazing! There are plenty of times when I think I have been inspired to try someone at a certain time, but they aren't home. But we have to diligently try anyway, and sometimes it just pays off!! 

Oh I don't know how, but I almost forgot to tell you the funniest story from this week. So it was raining on Thursday night, and it froze... So our car was miserable the next morning. And due to the fact that we live in Texas, we don't have ice scrapers. So what did we use instead?! Spatulas!! It took us about 20 minutes to clear of our car- with lots of scraping, and wacking, and arm muscles! Too funny!  Always an adventure! 

Love you lots! I am so grateful for how supportive, and loving you have all been as I have been here. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Gobble till you wobble! And eat lots of cranberry frozen deliciousness for me! xoxoxoxo 

Sister Peterson

Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013

Hello Jello! (yes Avery you can now roll your eyes!!)

Missionary work is really progressing here. We still have troubles getting people to commit and come to church- but I think that just comes with the area of being a YSA. But we have lots of appointments set up, and people are reading from the Book of Mormon so things are good! The other trial that comes with YSA would probably be that since everyone is a student they just take these lessons as knowledge and not to the heart. But we know as they keep reading and praying they will come to know for themselves and it will all work out! So currently one of my favorite investigators is a quirky shy girl named E. She is catholic and more of the active kind I would say. We met her on campus and she has met with us twice. We committed her to be baptized in our first lesson and she said "probably not" but in the second lesson when we brought up baptism again she said "I'll think about it." Yay for progress! It is so fun to teach college student who read and then come to us with questions! It is so much more personal and fun that way!

With other things around here: Sister O and I get along amazingly. And that really is such a blessing because this past week she has been having some troubles. She had 2 major panic attacks and pulled a muscle in her rib cage because of it.  I was so grateful because her second one which was worse than her first one was when we were on exchanges with Sisters B, D, and C. And I don't know what I would have done without them. It is kinda scary when they happen because she is not in her right mind and I have no idea how to help calm her down. I have my own emotional issues but what helps me to recenter does not help her when she gets to that state. She met with the the mission therapist this past week, but we are still working through things. She was able to get two amazing blessings: one during that second attack and one for her pulled rib. Her hurt rib makes it hard for her to breathe and sleep which only adds on top of these other things. But what a blessing and power the priesthood is! The miracles of healing that were produced are astounding. The change in her from right before the priesthood blessing during her anxiety attack and right after was like day and night! Things will all work out and I know that Heavenly Father has placed me in this companionship with my past experiences and trials for a big reason. It is a difficult situation, and not one that is going to be fixed overnight, but it is all going to be okay. I felt impressed to ask the Bishop yesterday for a blessing after church. (Elders aren't allowed to give the sister missionaries blessings anymore) And again the power of the priesthood and the personal relationship that Heavenly Father has with me was made apparent. The Bishop here barely knows me and said exactly what my soul needed to hear, (just so you know I am doing really well even in this rough time. I am very happy and not having troubles except in small moments of how to help Sister O) but I must say that blessing yesterday was one of the most personal and special blessings I have ever received in my life. It even quoted parts of my Patriarchal Blessing. I feel very blessed to be here and to know the truth of this gospel! What a blessing our lives on earth are! 

So I guess with all of that info I just wanted to let you know what's going on on my side of the world, and if you could keep Sister O in your prayers that would be so SO appreciated.

Still have no idea what our exact plans are for thanksgiving. Hopefully some pie and turkey! even if I have to make it! (YIKES that would be scary! I set off the fire alarms in our apt last night during dinner....)   

Okay I love you all!  It is a cold day here in Texas but glad to hear dad that is should be warmer for the rest of the week! 

xoxo Sister Peterson! 

Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013

Hello Family!

Thanks mom for the package! I've almost downed all the dried apples already! and I am SO EXCITED to have the new general conf magazine! Also Sister O thinks your pillow case idea is the cutest and wants to do it for her kids all growing up! I am glad that you got my letter! It was a crazy mess to get it sent to you, but I guess I learned my lesson and shouldn't procrastinate. :)

It is a foggy rainy day here. Finally it feels like fall. But no doubt tomorrow will probably be hot and a complete opposite. 

Can I just say how funny my dear companion is? She is so great! Sister O and I teach really well together. It is such a joy to have such a companion! We are just pressing forward helping the ward and our Bishop. He told us in PEC yesterday that he is wanting to experiment and try splitting the ward East to West. He wants us to try it out and see if it works because the current way he has it split is not very even. We have a lot of "unknown" people on our side but I am excited to help the ward find and rescue those who are not currently with us. I think that Less actives are one of my ultimate favorite parts of missionary work! 

We are also working with our ward mission leader to try and strengthen the ward. The most recent convert still has not made real friends in the ward- which is mostly just a struggle because it is a singles ward and unity is something that needs to be worked on. But that recent convert: M did make it to the temple on Friday and has such an amazing time. He told us about his experience and how welcomed and important he felt. It just brings so much joy to my soul to hear of such experiences! He is so excited to go back and then on Sunday he even passed the sacrament! Yay!!  Now we just need to get him fellowship that is not the missionaries.

We had a full week of lessons and appointments. It was busy and so great! But sadly again NO ONE came to church! We knew that a lot of our investigators would not be able to make it due to prior engagements. But the less active and our one investigator who we were expecting both did not come. It was super sad! 

So funny story: this past week we were talking about me packing and I told Sister O that I might just buy a scale to weigh my suitcases. She then turned to me and said,"You're gonna buy a SQUIRREL?!" hahhaha too funny!

Sorry short letter. I love you all loads! This week I'll be home in 2 months! Lots of love!

xoxoxoxoxo Sister Peterson

Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

First Off:  Happy Halloween to everyone! I wore a black shirt and my black and white skirt with Sister O's orange scarf to try and be festive. We couldn't go out proselyting that night so we met up with the missionaries here and played Dodge ball. Come to find out I am horrible at my aim, and I really don't like Dodge ball! I am pretty good at dodging the ball... but that also means I tend to be the last man standing and then just look like an idiot.... So moral of the story I kinda hate Dodge Ball... but my Halloween was still good because it was fun to be with everyone.  

Since we had Stake Conference last Sunday, yesterday was my first time in the ward. I really enjoyed it, though it is so different from what I am used to. I forgot how quiet Singles Wards are during Sacrament meeting! And it is very different because everyone is in that transition part of their lives so the bonds and unity are different too. BUT there are some major bonus points for singles wards because those who served missions are awesome at fellowshipping! And there is so much potential for good here! Plus we come on campus daily to find more people to teach which is so so nice! I am really happy to be here.

As for our investigators. So since we are teaching all YSA it brings a new level of flakiness to light. From our members coming to lessons AND from the investigators. So currently we don't have any progressing investigators. But we do have a lot of potential. The big hang up right now is church attendance, which is hard when also some people don't have cars. But we are focusing on that. We have a lot of people we want to help this week, and so hopefully next week will have some better results. We are trying some new stuff with the ward missionaries, and we even taught combined RS/Priesthood yesterday with the 2 other sets of missionaries in this ward. (did I tell you that we share with Sister O's old comps and the assistants?)   

Oh OH we went to the temple Monday! It was so amazing! I CANNOT wait to go back! We had a full session with about 40 of us here in Lubbock. This temple is a tiny one- like really tiny, but nonetheless beautiful! I am always breath taken by the beauty of the temple! If you are reading this and haven't been to the temple recently GO!!!! It is such a blessing! As I was waiting for the session to start I was overcome by such a feeling of gratitude! It had been SO so long for me to go to the temple and it is such an amazing place! And the work they did in the new video is beautiful. All I can say is it is all so beautiful. And as I sat in the session all I could think about is all the people outside passing by the temple who have no idea all that awaits for them inside! That's what this work is all about! Go to the temple!

I love you all so much! 16 month mark tomorrow! Can you believe it?! I can't! Gahhhh!!
xoxo Sister Peterson

Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

Alrighty! Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday Granddad!!!

Today is a foggy day here! We can't even see the sun behind the clouds- Sister O thought it might snow! How crazy is that!  But our most exciting news is that TODAY WE ARE GOING TO THE TEMPLE! So excited I can hardly see straight! They are opening it special for the missionaries in our zone today and we will have a completely full session- every single seat filled with something like 40 of us! Crazy isn't it! The rest of the mission will just come as districts but we will all be there as a zone. I am very excited- like Christmas morning excited! 

We had a smooth transfer. Traveling and all that packing made me a very tired girl! Especially since we had to be at the church by 6:30 to wait for the bus- I had to get up before that to pack my last things and get ready. So I was exhausted by the time I got here. And since I've been on my mission I struggle with motion sickness. So that was not so fun after being in a bus for about 10 hours. But it was good to talk to missionaries. Sister C got transferred up here so I was able to update her on things and I was able to sit with Sister R until Monahans. Then we got here and I am LOVING Sister O!  She is from Draper, Utah and was the first 19 year old in our mission. She went to Utah State before and is just so quirky and fun. She has been out for about 7 months. And we work REALLY well together and get along really great! She does great impersonations and has me laughing all day long! This is going to be a great transfer!

So we had Stake Conference yesterday and so I am still feeling a bit out of the loop with the ward. But that's alright, Sister O knows exactly what is going on! As I was talking with Sister R on the bus we realized how many contacts we had with YSA aged people while we were here and I recognize that maybe that is one of the reasons I am back. We have already contacted 2 of them (S and C) and set up appointments AND there were these less actives we were working with back then and so Sister O and I went my first day here to check up on them (esp since one is YSA aged) and sadly (so sadly) they had moved! BUT of all the miracles- the lady who moved in wasn't home but her granddaughter and best friend were WHO ARE YSA! So we are now teaching them! 

We split the YSA with Sister O's old companions and the Assistants. The Assistants are pretty busy so that's that. And we are still working out the kinks of sharing in a YSA. There are definitely enough to share but how to split boundaries and such is interesting. Right now we are kinda just working with what we come in contact with and going from there. Luckily we have a great relationship with the other sisters so communication and organization is fine! 

If anyone looks at my blog probably no letters in the mail from me this week. Too busy with a temple trip.. :/ sorry 

I love you HAPPY HALLOWEENIE!! XOXOXO dress up real nice for me since I can't!! 

Love Sister Peterson!

Me and my cute comp

me and my old comps.

Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

I have about a billion things in my head and 100 things to write about so I just hope I don't forget anything!
Most importantly is that we had transfer calls this week: and I'M BEING TRANSFERRED!! :( I may or may not have cried about it. Mostly just when thinking about leaving M. He was progressing so well and I just don't want that to stop. But I know Heavenly Father has a plan for him, so it will all turn out alright! So yes, I am leaving and guess who is replacing me?! None other than Sister S who I trained!! All of the sisters here will have had ME for a companion at one time. A common enemy shall we say?! No... the three of us are really sad to separate, we had a REALLY good transfer and I love these girls so much! (oh they will also be switching areas with the elders we share the ward with... cool right?) But L here I come. Oh yes, I am going to L. That is the YSA there to serve with Sister O. All I know about her is that when I was there last she was just being trained and in that exact ward. So she has been there for like 7 months. Also I found out that she will be my senior companion since she has been in the area so long! Funny right? I guess I spoke too soon when I said I would be senior for the rest of my mission!!!  
I do have some reservations about going to L. Especially since I don't have super warm feeling about the last time I was there. But I feel like a completely different person this go round so I am excited. I just look at the positives and am going to go and visit the people we were teaching and loved up there and tell them to meet with the missionaries again if they aren't!! Plus a few that we loved like K and C are YSA age anyway!! I am grateful to get out of the allergies here but then just to go to a windy cold city... But we will be sharing the ward with the Assistants... Which should be fine but is just intimidating! Also I feel like a kid on the first day of school. The YSA is my age!! Will they like me? Will we get along? What should I wear? hahaha no.... but I loved the YSA aspect of the New Mexico ward, but this is total YSA here. It will be good it is all just the unknown.
We leave here (we are the first stop) on a charter bus tomorrow morning at 7 and it is like a 9 hour bus ride since we have to stop at every zone along the way! I am almost done packing and am happy about that! It hasn't been that bad this go round and just hate the packing side of all of this!
So apparently it is this transfer all of us will be able to go to the temple! I am so excited I can hardly stand it! I have dreams about being home after the mission all the time. And about half way through EACH of the dreams I realize that I have been home for x amount of time and haven't gone to the temple yet and start freaking out!! So this will be awesome!
We had an awesome lesson with M this week. He said that he doesn't believe that this church is any different from any other one BUT he said that in the first lesson we had with him I told him that if he will read the Book of Mormon he will come to know that this is true!!! And he said he is holding on to that one thing, and hoping that it is true. He told me I have been honest with him so far so he is going to believe this too! I told him that he will never know that it is true unless he prays about it, and though he isn't yet to the point that he will commit to praying this is major progress!! He also came to gospel principles on Sunday!! Miracles are happening!
We also felt inspired to heart attack a family (our assistant ward missionary) he went through 2 surgeries last week and her sister is currently in the hospital. So we heart attacked them Thursday night and on Friday she called us (she said she immediately knew we did it) to say that it was crazy because he was feeling really bad so they had taken him to the hospital and during the time that they had left the house to the hospital and she came back to get clothes for the kids we had heart attacked them!! I am so grateful for promptings of the Spirit to do random acts of service!!
I love this place and am so sad to leave, but I know that Heavenly Father has great things in store for me! I love you all so much- and Mom and Dad I keep telling everyone we 3 will be back to visit them!! Yay! Can't wait!  Love you all!! I'll let you know my new address as soon as I get it!
xoxoxo Your missionary!

Sister Peterson!  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 15, 2013

It's raining it's pouring the missionaries are soaring!
What a BUSY day!! I have had the busiest last 3 days of my mission ever. Period.

And yes it is pouring rain here. I am just glad I have water proof boots. I don't have to worry about wet socks thankfully!
Funny you should say that Columbus day is a funny holiday. All the schools here were out yesterday. And of course the library was too. So here I am emailing you tonight- because this is the only time we had free today!! So yes the work is going wonderfully- but hopefully my head doesn't fall off. Sunday we left for church in the morning and didn't come home until 9:00 that night. Then Monday we cut p-day an hour short to go to an early lesson and then didn't get home until 9:30 (which is allowed when in a lesson) and then Today we left for district meeting after studies and haven't been home since, and now here we are. We don't have such a hectic day tomorrow, which will be good.
Transfer calls are Saturday and we will see how that goes! I am hoping to stay. We are doing so much here that it will be heartbreaking to leave, but I know that Heavenly Father will inspire President to send me (or keep me) where I am needed most. So we shall see.
Welp, it was Sister T's 23rd birthday on Saturday. So our district leader and his companions decorated the bedroom for her! I'm sending pictures. It is about 150 balloons! We got rid of a few of them yesterday, but it was really fun. I think she enjoyed herself. We went out to Applebees for dinner to celebrate.
This past week we also had exchanges. Sister D (who is our Sister Training Leader) and her two companions: Sisters C and D came for 24 hours. It is so fun to serve with other missionaries. I am sad to say that I will forever be the senior companion- since there are no sisters "older" than Sister L and me out. It is so crazy to me how many sisters are now in the mission, and how young they are. But they are definitely ready for service. They are so much braver than I was at their age. (and yes some Elders do call me Grandma- remember how they are 5 years younger than I am. And how BP is their age- and how I babysat him. Oh yeah I remember that! - But don't worry, I don't let 'em forget it either haha)
Things are coming along with our investigators. M is out of town for the week, but we had a few lessons with him this past week so things are looking good. His hardest struggle is recognizing the Spirit- but isn't that common for all of us? :) He has sincere desire so I know things will change for him. Then also we have been working with a part-member family. We are teaching the dad M. He is atheist but he isn't. We had a breakthrough lesson with him yesterday where the Spirit guided are questions and we found out that he groups ALL religions together. So if he sees one hypocritical person who believes in God he doesn't want to be associated with them at all and so he just chooses not to believe all together. We were able to testify to him that we are the one TRUE church. That this is it. He still won't pray since he doesn't believe anyone is listening, but we are getting there.
I love you all lots! Xoxo!
Love Sister Peterson

Exchanges with the sisters Sister C is up top, Da in the middle and Du in the bottom. 
You should recognize the rest of us. 

and our District picture today

Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

Hello!!!!!!!!!!! From TEXhasss!!!! It is finally (kinda) cooling off here. It is like August in Utah. Not like any October I can remember!! Even Portales got cold since there is a wind there... but not here.
Wasn't conference just splendid?! How wonderful it is to have living day Prophets! It was such a miracle because L is having such an issue with tithing- and then this past week C brought up tithing and it was what we had been praying for: Elder Bednars talk!! It brought tears to my eyes! Heavenly Father sent that talk just for us down here in San Angelo! But each session, each talk was that way! M was with us during the sessions and kept saying, "this talk is just for me" and then the next speaker, "this one too!!" and on and on. Each one applied so perfectly to this area and to me!! We visited a less active last night and she was sick and ended up watching all the sessions. She knew that she was sick for a reason and it allowed her to not have to work and to watch. She now wants to return to the temple and we set up an appointment with her to meet with the Bishop. What an amazing weekend!
Also we had an amazing lesson with M between sessions on Sunday. We with the bishopric and the ward mission leaders all fasted for this sweet man. And his heart is changing. We asked him to say the closing prayer and it was beautiful! He asked for help to understand what we are teaching him (which this is the first time he has admitted that he is willing to be taught) and he asked for help to know the TRUTH! This is a huge step! I was on cloud nine! 
We did have interviews this past week, and President didn't give me much to work with. He said that it was something I needed to decide though it is not an easy thing for him to request. I was really hoping that he would give me some fatherly advice, but I'm afraid I didn't get any. But I think I already had my answer. I felt as Oliver in Doctrine and Covenants 6:23. I had peace about January but not about December. I don't understand why, because I miss you all SO much. And it just makes sense to go home when all will be around, but our ways are not God's ways. So I will go and do and hopefully we will all see and understand why. I love you all and am sorry for the inconvenience this will cause.  
Mom: less actives I LOVE THEM! We spend a lot of time with them. We see about 5 or 6 a week. It really all boils down to visiting teaching though. If people would diligently do and magnify their visiting teaching then what a difference this all would make. It all starts with love. They just need love and then you need to love them enough to help them change. Yes it is good to be their friend and see them once a month and talk about the kids or work or whatever that is important. But no one is going to see change until they are invited to act. Invited to come to church, to read their scriptures. Out of love we need to ask them about their spiritual work also. "did you read anything interesting in your scripture study this past week?" And then you can see how they are being nourished. And if they aren't you be the one to say "well I know this isn't the easiest thing to do- but it will come with time. So how about we text each other every day to remind each other to read and pray." It really is that simple, but sometimes people forget that. They let all the what if's cloud the way. These people want to understand and come back, but they need our help. And in Utah this is especially what missionary work is about. And in Alma 31:34-35. Notice the word again. Most in Utah have already heard the good word of God, but they need to come back and again taste of it's goodness. Okay that's my two bits!
Love you all see you soon (3 MONTHS! GAHH!!)
xoxox Sister Peterson


Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

Hello Fam-
We had a great week! It was a little slow in the missionary work side of things. Sister T was sick one day and we had Zone Conference and traveling to that (it was a bit of a mess because we had to caravan... but it all worked out). Zone Conference was AMAZING! Elder Walker is over all the temples including designs and locations and training temple presidents and everything in between! He said that next to the councilors he meets with the Prophet more than anyone else!! How amazing it was to be taught at the feet of this amazing man!
And RS session was grand! It was so great to hear all about covenants when (hopefully soon) we here will be able to go to the temple! And I loved President Monson's talk on prayer! It was all so good! And one of the less actives who attended told her fellowship that it had touched a lot of her concerns, and when we asked her about it on Sunday she said that it touched her in a lot of different ways! She attended all of church yesterday for the first time since she was in young women!!!

And church all around was so great yesterday. We had that less active PLUS C who was baptized about 5 years ago and then fell away-and a member asked us to go see her and we have been for the past few months (she is basically totally active now! rediscovered her testimony!) Well her husband who has never been interested and is a sneak and somehow disappears from the room whenever we start talking about religion- he told her that he would like to come to church!!! We have high hopes and plans to work on that this week!
Then H and M also came to church- less active mother and daughter and M hasn't been to church since she was in High School probably- so like more than 10 years! They had SUCH  a warm reception when they arrived yesterday! It was amazing!
And C is doing awesome too! She is the one who hadn't been to church in 13 years until she started coming with us! Well she had been out of town for a few weeks and is now back and we helped do service at her house this past week and she is SO GRATEFUL! She is getting rid of all the old (no more alcohol or cigarettes in the house!) and ready to move forward with the gospel! It is so rewarding to see these amazing sisters grab hold with both hands to all that the Savior has to offer in His restored church!
Other than less actives L and R: R is doing really well! She is announcing to everyone that she is getting baptized and is SO EXCITED!! Then on the other hand we have L... who well is in a hold up. She has a real problem with Tithing and we are trying to help her build her faith but Satan is tricky and is really working on that whole household to create distractions! We dunno what to do, but Heavenly Father does and He will help us.
Grandma is excited for you all to come up to the cabin! That sounds so fun! I miss the cabin so much. And I am so excited for General Conference!
We had a lot of rain again this week, which everyone is excited about here in Texas but makes for a wet Sister Peterson. Missionary work in the rain is not so fun- I am just glad I wasn't called to serve in like Seattle or something. haha
Welp, not much else to report. I will talk to President Thursday and let you know next week what's up!
Love you all!

Your missionary-

Sister Peterson

Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013

Welp once upon a time I live in Texas. And Texas is currently in a drought. And so everyone prays for rain and God hears and answers prayers so mid week it down poured. And since I live in Texas they don't believe in drainage systems. So it all pools in the middle of the streets and becomes rivers. Never ending adventure around here for sure! But I was excited to pull out my colder clothes and wear my boots and today I am wearing a cardigan. It is cooler and nice in the mornings- but the sun is out today so I will probably have to ditch the cardi later today.
So Zone Conference is this Wednesday and it is going to be in Midland, and I'm excited because it will be about half the mission! We never get the whole mission together here because the land mass and travel is too large, so this will be fun! There will be a lot of sisters there I don't know so I am excited to put names with faces. Also Elder William R. Walker will be there.  So no I haven't talked to President yet, and each day it changes but today I feel like I want to stay till January. I still don't have a firm feeling on what I should do, but we also have never confirmed anything with President so who knows. I currently feel like my old life is a dream, and right now I am busy doing the missionary work I need to do so sorry nothing finalized yet.
Also MOST EXCITING THING EVER!! This is a clip from President Augustin's email!!!
 "And if this isn't enough great news, we announce the blessing of attending the temple.  For two years we have tried every which-way to have our missionaries blessed with at least one temple session here at the Lubbock Temple while they serve.  But because of the temple's inability to host such a large number, distances, housing, weather, and mission president's being reminded missionaries are here to serve as missionaries, preaching and teaching, we have never been able to offer this.  But after much, much discussion and planning, we think we have finally arrived at a workable method of permitting you to attend the temple at least once during your service here.  This will be an added blessing to attend the House of the Lord and be part of a new, recently released film version of the endowment.  It is also a blessing to be able to come and be reminded of the sacred covenants each of us has made to our Heavenly Father.  We believe the work will increase even more after you have revisited the sacred instruction of a House of the Lord.  We will have to work out exact times, days, due to weather, temple availability, etc. so have faith and lots of patience.  This is a blessing!"
We had the whole C family at church yesterday! That is our recent convert T and his wife L (who has troubles getting Sunday's off) and her daughter R. Then also A their friend came with them. All three of those have baptismal dates set! T has the fire of conversion burning and is helping others come closer to Christ!
Most amazing story this week: In our ward is a part member family. They are a senior couple and we had been working with her with her neighbors. She had told us upfront about her husband and so I thought that was a closed case- but then after a few weeks something she said struck me and I asked her if we could talk to him about the gospel and she said that we can try... So finally we were able to set up a time for us to go to their home! And can I just say how nervous I was for this appointment. I want him to understand the importance of the truths we teach so SO BADLY! I want it for him and I want it for his family! We prayed so so hard and I know that it was all because of that effort that the lesson went well. M confessed things to us about the church that surprised his wife. That he doesn't know how to recognize the Spirit and that in his 79 years of living he doesn't think he has ever received an answer from God. He was not really open, but not disagreeable which is a huge difference and we were able to convince him to try again. To try and read and pray this time, and allow us to help him!! And so far so good!! We have been leaving him sticky notes with reading assignments on his front door because when I asked if we could call him to check up on his reading he told me he wouldn't answer the phone :) haha and I guess when we left the first one (on the door not the one we left the night of our appointment) he mentioned to his wife that he had already read this very first assignment!!!! We have another appointment tomorrow with him and I am hoping so hard! His wife started crying at church yesterday when I talked to her and she said she is afraid to hope- so I told her not to hope that I would do all the hoping for her! :)
That was all on our crazy day Tuesday where we had 6 set appointments that all went through and district meeting in the morning! I love this area and wouldn't mind one bit if I stay till the end!
Love you! xoxo

attached is a picture of a cake we made L for her birthday! We made it during lunch and dinner breaks. It is two cakes carved into a butterfly and such! Someday I'm gonna make a good wife! haha 

Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013

Hello! Hello!
I wish we had that much rain down here! Luckily the days are cooling off- but that means in the 90's here. I am just happy to be able to wear my hair down, I used to get SO hot I had to wear my hair up to try and help stay cool. I guess I wouldn't actually like that much rain here either though, because with the rain comes the humidity: and it gets bad here. Not China bad, but still no fun. This is for sure not Utah.
Though I would like some fresh peaches!! Next time you send a package feel free to put in a large bag of dried peaches. We will eat them right up! :)
Well exciting news this week: T, our recent convert from July: his step daughter R and his wife L have both accepted baptismal dates!!! It is for October 19th because L works every Sunday so we are all fasting and praying for some changes at work for her! So far so good... we are very excited! R has gone every week with T to church, but wasn't dedicated in actually learning for herself, and testing the gospel out. But now she is!!! We are so excited for this family- and we are now just working on finding more prepared people! T blessed the sacrament for the first time this past week and he did so well! He had a stroke (before we knew him) so he has a hard time reading- and would practice like everyday. He had a really hard time with the word sanctify but he said it PERFECTLY in church yesterday!!
Sister T is great! She is from Rexburg, Idaho so we get along great- since I was born right there at Madison Memorial Hospital! She has been out about 9 months, and is a great missionary! She loves to laugh and I love when people think I am funny so life is good! haha
Right now we have cleaned out our potential list and are starting fresh! I have been thinking and studying a lot about the temple- since we can't go I have been reading from the temple prep book and the bible dictionary and loving it! So I realized that Heavenly Father, like we always say, is a God of order. So I studied a lot on stewardship- and we have come up (as a companionship) the way to better be accountable to the Lord and over the stewardship in our area here. I have always struggled with letting people own their own stuff, by being the control freak I am- but I am really trying to work on that. Heavenly Father has always let us learn from our mistakes- even when it hurts him! I often think about the 3rd hosts of heaven and how sad that must have made Him. So I have to not control the situation but allow our investigators, my companions, the members, and other missionaries learn for themselves: even when it effects me and is hard for me. :)
We met with the bishop here yesterday to ask him for some less actives to go see. As we were talking to him he said something to the effect of, "oh I don't need to worry about you- you are the hard working ones!" Our bishop is great here and we are hoping this transfer to really get the members involved. One hard thing with that is that 75% of the members live in the elder's area. Meaning when we meet with them to talk about referrals: they are usually working with their neighbors... so they will all go to the elders. BUT it's all the same work, and we really like the 3 elders we share a ward with.
 Okay well that's all I've got. Yes mom I got your package- not on monday though it came a day or two later.
Love you all! xoxo



Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

Well transfer calls came and Sister P and I are staying here and getting another companion: Sister T! She is currently companions with Sister R, so I know her pretty well. And then Sister C is being transferred over to Midland. She is excited and a bit nervous. We were all pretty sure that I would be the one leaving and so now Sister C is having a harder time saying goodbye to everyone. But I know that this will be a great experience for her.
My one sadness about staying is that the members say the allergies only get worse in the coming months. I was taking a daytime 24 hour allergy pill but it was giving me like mood swings with bursts of energy and then lows of tiredness. So I stopped taking that one and since most of the allergy pills have that same active ingredient I am only taking an allergy pill at night. So far I am doing better- since it helps to have my sinus cleared at least once a day. So I dunno what to do about all of that. Everyone says that this is the worst place and gives everyone allergies. I am on a man hunt for local honey but no luck yet. :/ If I get desperate I figure I can pay the extra money for the name brand allergy pills but they are like a dollar a pill. So yep that's that.
Sounds like you all had a fun week. I am glad you saw Jessica, I love that girl. And we heard about the BYU game at church. People were pretty upset- but that is really funny about firing the defensive coach! haha too great!
Kate I got all your blog updates! I laughed so hard at the slip n slide one! Too funny that baby girl!! I am excited to love on her one day!
I was hoping to hear about what President said. If he answers you early enough in the week you should shoot me a letter and let me know. I am very curious.
We met a really cool guy yesterday as we were coming out to our car after visiting a member of the ward. He was taking out his trash and called over to us, "So whatcha selling?" haha I answered, "nothing just the good word of God!" We went up and started talking to him. He is a man in his 60's probably and very well-to-do. He had a gold fancy FANCY watch and his hands were decked out with gold rings. We explained to him that we are missionaries and he told us he had a good friend who was a member and they used to fly their planes into Salt Lake to visit sometimes. He then asked us if we were married or had fiances and when we answered no he said, "Well, do your parents have to choose your mate?" And we all laughed and told him no, and explained how we just focus on missionary work for these 18 months. He then said, "Well, I have 11 grandsons... and I'm pretty sure some of them will be your ages!" He then turned to Sister C and asked her how old she was, "Well, you all look so young- are you 16?" (HAHAHAHAHA yes my poor little companion. She looks young.. real young. But at least this is a huge improvement from when we first were companions. She used to get asked if she was 12 all the time!) Major improvement. But we had a nice talk with him and we are going back this week to talk to his wife, who he said has read the Book of Mormon before. We meet the coolest people on the mission.
We had another baptism this past Saturday. It doesn't really count in mission numbers but this one was a big one for me. A member referred us to her next door neighbor who was excommunicated 30 years ago. We had been teaching her all transfer, and finally she was baptized Saturday. It was so awesome because all her family came too. None of them have any association with the church and we know they are already seeing the change in her and hopefully will follow her example! The gospel of Christ is amazing and does change lives like nothing else can! 
I am grateful to be out here were I can also try to be better and focus on smoothing out my faults also. I know that Heavenly Father hears our prayers and that Christ will take our pains and afflictions upon him. He lives. I know it.

Love- Sister Peterson 

Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013

Just so you know transfer calls are this Saturday and I have no idea what is going to happen!!
Sorry I am not good at writing emails. My bad. So to answer mama's questions:
What was a funny thing that happened this week?
We had that fun day in Abilene on Tuesday and on our drive back I'm just driving and my comps are just chilling and I start screaming at the top of my lungs! They both think we are about to die- but as quick as I started I stopped screaming because the terror had passed! Right in front of us I almost hit none other than a ROAD RUNNER! Like the real thing (and they are not as big or as fast as in the bugs bunny cartoon!) Sure enough it was right there and I was so worried we were going to hit it, but luckily we didn't (no thanks to my screaming) but it did make me feel better (even if it scared the daylights out of my comps) haha

What was a spiritual thing that happened this week?
We are teaching this guy named T. He works with computers and is super literal and very cut and dry. So he believes the Bible's teachings are true, but not that the stories are true. Anyhow- we had a lesson with him last night about the Plan of Salvation- and we know that all of his questions about Jesus being the Son of God- and all of his pieces of truth: will be solved as he comes to know the Book of Mormon is true. And as we were testifying we could see it sinking in and it was so amazing to be a part of! The Church is true!
Tell us about 2 new people that you met this week, whether they were interested in the gospel or not.
We were referred by some members to this 12 boy. He is best friends with their son and has been coming to church with them off and on. He is super smart and was correcting one of their sons about the brass plates one time. Then he asked the parents if he could be baptized so they told us to come over when he is there sometime. We did on Sunday after church and had a great first lesson with him. We got his mom's number and she was out of town but hopefully will be able to help the whole family!

Tell us what the weather is like currently.
Currently it is super hot outside. Like I can't stand having my hair down because I am dying hot. haha

What is your Sunday routine?
Well we get up like usual and get ready. Then studies like usual- unless it is our week for ward council then we go early. Church is at 10:20 because we share the building with a Spanish Branch so we have Sacrament last so that primary can be combined. Then we come home have lunch and a second hour of comp study since I am training. Then normal missionary stuff. Lessons, trying people the works. Sundays are nothing different really for missionaries at least. :) But always awesome.
We had a really nice week and I love both of my companions so I am anxious to see what happens this weekend! Also here are some pictures!! -they have a ton of sheep statues here because they used to have a lot of sheep... but we went shopping last monday and I had to get a picture of this little guy!!
Love you lots!

windmills-- a million of them on our way to Abilene!!