Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

First Off:  Happy Halloween to everyone! I wore a black shirt and my black and white skirt with Sister O's orange scarf to try and be festive. We couldn't go out proselyting that night so we met up with the missionaries here and played Dodge ball. Come to find out I am horrible at my aim, and I really don't like Dodge ball! I am pretty good at dodging the ball... but that also means I tend to be the last man standing and then just look like an idiot.... So moral of the story I kinda hate Dodge Ball... but my Halloween was still good because it was fun to be with everyone.  

Since we had Stake Conference last Sunday, yesterday was my first time in the ward. I really enjoyed it, though it is so different from what I am used to. I forgot how quiet Singles Wards are during Sacrament meeting! And it is very different because everyone is in that transition part of their lives so the bonds and unity are different too. BUT there are some major bonus points for singles wards because those who served missions are awesome at fellowshipping! And there is so much potential for good here! Plus we come on campus daily to find more people to teach which is so so nice! I am really happy to be here.

As for our investigators. So since we are teaching all YSA it brings a new level of flakiness to light. From our members coming to lessons AND from the investigators. So currently we don't have any progressing investigators. But we do have a lot of potential. The big hang up right now is church attendance, which is hard when also some people don't have cars. But we are focusing on that. We have a lot of people we want to help this week, and so hopefully next week will have some better results. We are trying some new stuff with the ward missionaries, and we even taught combined RS/Priesthood yesterday with the 2 other sets of missionaries in this ward. (did I tell you that we share with Sister O's old comps and the assistants?)   

Oh OH we went to the temple Monday! It was so amazing! I CANNOT wait to go back! We had a full session with about 40 of us here in Lubbock. This temple is a tiny one- like really tiny, but nonetheless beautiful! I am always breath taken by the beauty of the temple! If you are reading this and haven't been to the temple recently GO!!!! It is such a blessing! As I was waiting for the session to start I was overcome by such a feeling of gratitude! It had been SO so long for me to go to the temple and it is such an amazing place! And the work they did in the new video is beautiful. All I can say is it is all so beautiful. And as I sat in the session all I could think about is all the people outside passing by the temple who have no idea all that awaits for them inside! That's what this work is all about! Go to the temple!

I love you all so much! 16 month mark tomorrow! Can you believe it?! I can't! Gahhhh!!
xoxo Sister Peterson

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