Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013

Hello Family!

Thanks mom for the package! I've almost downed all the dried apples already! and I am SO EXCITED to have the new general conf magazine! Also Sister O thinks your pillow case idea is the cutest and wants to do it for her kids all growing up! I am glad that you got my letter! It was a crazy mess to get it sent to you, but I guess I learned my lesson and shouldn't procrastinate. :)

It is a foggy rainy day here. Finally it feels like fall. But no doubt tomorrow will probably be hot and a complete opposite. 

Can I just say how funny my dear companion is? She is so great! Sister O and I teach really well together. It is such a joy to have such a companion! We are just pressing forward helping the ward and our Bishop. He told us in PEC yesterday that he is wanting to experiment and try splitting the ward East to West. He wants us to try it out and see if it works because the current way he has it split is not very even. We have a lot of "unknown" people on our side but I am excited to help the ward find and rescue those who are not currently with us. I think that Less actives are one of my ultimate favorite parts of missionary work! 

We are also working with our ward mission leader to try and strengthen the ward. The most recent convert still has not made real friends in the ward- which is mostly just a struggle because it is a singles ward and unity is something that needs to be worked on. But that recent convert: M did make it to the temple on Friday and has such an amazing time. He told us about his experience and how welcomed and important he felt. It just brings so much joy to my soul to hear of such experiences! He is so excited to go back and then on Sunday he even passed the sacrament! Yay!!  Now we just need to get him fellowship that is not the missionaries.

We had a full week of lessons and appointments. It was busy and so great! But sadly again NO ONE came to church! We knew that a lot of our investigators would not be able to make it due to prior engagements. But the less active and our one investigator who we were expecting both did not come. It was super sad! 

So funny story: this past week we were talking about me packing and I told Sister O that I might just buy a scale to weigh my suitcases. She then turned to me and said,"You're gonna buy a SQUIRREL?!" hahhaha too funny!

Sorry short letter. I love you all loads! This week I'll be home in 2 months! Lots of love!

xoxoxoxoxo Sister Peterson

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