Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013

Hello Family!
Yes we were able to watch the Broadcast yesterday and it was so exciting! The switch to the internet work will be so delightful and I am hoping I will be able to participate! What an exciting time in the world!!!
This week has been really good and busy! We picked up Sister P off the bus Wednesday night. She is from Spanish Fork, and it is fun to talk about the same places. The funny part of these two sisters I am training is that they were both Homeschooled! Odd man out over there: what are the chances?! Sister P is 21 and did some college at UVU before coming out. We are all getting along great and I honestly forget that they are being trained sometimes!
We had a lovely week and even had an amazing turn out at church on Sunday! A total of 4 investigators!  Three of them came together, it is a family who lives in a house with a less active (they aren't related they all just share this house). The dad T and his step daughter and her best friend all came and have been reading the Book of Mormon and love it. It was an amazing service yesterday all focused on missionary work because it was the farewell of a sister in our ward going to the Twin Falls mission speaking Spanish! So they invited us to sing in Sacrament. We had six of us with our trio and the elder's trio and we sang Brightly Beams our Father's Mercy. They tell us it was very nice, and man was I nervous (knee shaking nervous) but I think it went well, and it was good that the members could all see us up there.
Talking about nerves. Haha did I tell y'all about how Sister R fainted on me up in Lubbock?! Well I tend to apparently have that effect on people! Our first day out and Sister P almost went down on me! I caught her just in time. Not literally caught her, but I asked her if she was ok because she was turned away from me, and she shook her head so I grabbed her and told her to sit. She said she was just loosing her sight and hearing when I did that. We had been outside walking the guy we were talking was smoking right into our faces. I am being a better mama now, making sure that she/we drink a LOT  more water and taken better care of! Man! Missionary work! Haha always an adventure!
Sounds like you all had quite the week, full of family and friends and rodeo's and fun. I miss you all and had an overflow of emails this week, and am so grateful for people who know and love me for me. As a missionary you concentrate on the investigators so much that sometimes I forget about myself and it is nice to know that people love and care about ME! I am a lucky girl to have such a good family and great friends!

Love you! Xoxo Sister Peterson

Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013

HELLO!! I have BIG news this week! Transfer calls came..... and we are both... STAYING! Okay, so that is not the big news... the big news is that we are getting another companion! That's right my first trio!!!! But the fun doesn't end there!!!....... She is brand new! That's right! DOUBLE TRAINING!!!!!! What?! Yes! Have I ever heard of this before, no! But it is real and happening here in San Angelo! I have heard of a trainer getting two at the same time, but not a new one half way through! So Onward Christian Soldiers!  All I know is her name. And she'll be here Wednesday! She is probably on the plane right now!
It was so sweet because after we got off the phone Sister C had tears in her eyes and I went and hugged her and asked what was wrong and she said that she didn't want things to change and that she didn't want to share me!!! Most adorable thing ever!! But we talked, and discussed how she felt when she first came on the mission and how Sister P will need all the love and support that we can give her, and we are all on board and excited for this next adventure!
Yes we will need a new pillowcase haha jk, and yes I am so glad Sister C and I are staying together! I feel good about this all, but I also can't believe it!  
Happy Fathers Day daddio! I miss you lots and am so glad you had a nice relaxing day!!
Isn't Colt's birthday this week? Happy Birthday big boy!!! There will be something for you in the mail xoxo
Things have been good this week, we contacted alot of those potential investigators, and about 6 of them dropped us! :( Which is really sad, because we love them, but we are separating the wheat from the tares, and are searching for those that will receive us, and who are ready to accept the truth! So we are excited, and like that people will at least be upfront so that we don't waste time!
Also we met with the "goosebumps" guy again last night! The Spirit is amazing and lead us to go try him even though we knew it was his work hours, and since his mom is in the hospital he just so happened to be home right when we came!! We had a lesson with him, and Heavenly Father loves him, and each of His children so much! We have another appointment on Tuesday we are excited!
This work is amazing or shall I call it missionary fun like they said at conference right?!
I love you all and here is a picture of the pretty sky here!!! Miss you love you! Keep on keeping on!! Xoxo

we may or may not have had a brilliant idea and made the pillow cases into skirts.....

apparently we are desperate for clothes!! 

the volleyball crew, minus 2.

Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013

What a crazy busy week this has been! The field here is very white and ready to harvest! We have been busy little bees trying to get all our appointments organized and people to see. Right now we have a list of 34 potential investigators!! These are all people we talked to once who are interested!! It is such a joy to be working here and with Sister C. She is a hard worker and it is good to be serving with her!
San Angelo is HOT it is true, and humid which I am so not used to. Not bad humid and people here say it is unusually humid here this year, but that is because we have been having rain a few days a week! Which I keep praying for- and maybe in the wrong way because I'll be honest: it is not for the land- any day that He will give us without the 104 degree temps I will be happy! And the other fun thing that comes with the rain is the lightning/thunderstorms. I like those except when they wake us up at night because they are so loud/bright!! It is an adventure and very fun to be here!
Oh for fun: A sister just got her mission call in our ward and guess where she is going?! Twin Falls, Idaho Spanish Speaking!! She got her call and leaves 16 days later! I am glad I had more time than that! But it is so fun to feel her excitement! (she is excited for potatoes up there, too haha)
They have a new calling in the mission: it is a leadership calling for the sisters. Called: Sister Training Leaders. Sister D from American Fork is the one for our area of the mission. She is currently serving in Monahans with none other than Sister S. So when she called 2 weeks ago to set up exchanges I was nervous knowing I would have to spend half the day with Sister S. Well the day came this last week (and honestly with all the people in this area we could use permanently another set of hands). And I told Sister Smith that I was sorry things were hard during training and we had a very nice conversation where she said that she cannot imagine all that I went through training right after being trained. We talked about the good times that we had and it was good closure. I was glad for that opportunity. (Sister R called me later in the week cuz they came and saw them and she said that Sister S told her that she feels bad that we could have been friends) But things are good there now, and I am glad for all I've been through to help me be the person I am now and to help me be the person Heavenly Father wants me to be!
I love you all! Pray for cooler temps for me! Haha

xoxo Sister P.

Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3, 2013

We email here at the public library but last week we went to Angelo State University campus. They were still open.
Well we are LOVING San Angelo still! We did have a tornado watch last week, but it just meant we had to stay home. I was a bit freaked because I feel like I need to protect my little comp, but we learned we go in the bathtub and put mattresses on top of us so life is good! haha no biggie! I just pray that we still have these overcast days because Texas is HOTTTTTTTT!!!
Well this week was a goodie! C was baptized on Saturday and it was a very very spiritual baptism. She was crying in the font, and the Spirit was so strong. Since C had been working on baptism for a while she really understood the importance and it was just beautiful! And then yesterday we had a WONDERFULLLY amazing day! First off because of job schedules and deaths we weren't expecting anyone at church and then S, a guy we talked to once in his driveway and gave him a Book of Mormon came! We had an appointment with him but his girlfriend said he wasn't home... as we walked away she said, "oh but he has been reading that book you gave him!!" We thought he blew us off and now this!! So exciting! And we got 2 new ward missionaries: Sisters!! And they are both SO SO EXCITED! Just what we prayed for and need! One of them even went up in testimony meeting and said she had been praying for more missionary experiences and they got this calling!! We are so excited! The ward is really involved and we have a really good, close relationship with the Relief Society president and she is working hand in hand with us and some less active sisters! It is so so wonderful!!
(ps Doc has fallen off the face of the earth- I keep telling myself and Sister C. that he is out of the country because we have no idea why he went MIA...)
PS best investment ever made as a missionary! Typing class!! I can write longer letters! Yay! haha
I love you all!

sister P!