Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013

Hello Family!
Yes we were able to watch the Broadcast yesterday and it was so exciting! The switch to the internet work will be so delightful and I am hoping I will be able to participate! What an exciting time in the world!!!
This week has been really good and busy! We picked up Sister P off the bus Wednesday night. She is from Spanish Fork, and it is fun to talk about the same places. The funny part of these two sisters I am training is that they were both Homeschooled! Odd man out over there: what are the chances?! Sister P is 21 and did some college at UVU before coming out. We are all getting along great and I honestly forget that they are being trained sometimes!
We had a lovely week and even had an amazing turn out at church on Sunday! A total of 4 investigators!  Three of them came together, it is a family who lives in a house with a less active (they aren't related they all just share this house). The dad T and his step daughter and her best friend all came and have been reading the Book of Mormon and love it. It was an amazing service yesterday all focused on missionary work because it was the farewell of a sister in our ward going to the Twin Falls mission speaking Spanish! So they invited us to sing in Sacrament. We had six of us with our trio and the elder's trio and we sang Brightly Beams our Father's Mercy. They tell us it was very nice, and man was I nervous (knee shaking nervous) but I think it went well, and it was good that the members could all see us up there.
Talking about nerves. Haha did I tell y'all about how Sister R fainted on me up in Lubbock?! Well I tend to apparently have that effect on people! Our first day out and Sister P almost went down on me! I caught her just in time. Not literally caught her, but I asked her if she was ok because she was turned away from me, and she shook her head so I grabbed her and told her to sit. She said she was just loosing her sight and hearing when I did that. We had been outside walking the guy we were talking was smoking right into our faces. I am being a better mama now, making sure that she/we drink a LOT  more water and taken better care of! Man! Missionary work! Haha always an adventure!
Sounds like you all had quite the week, full of family and friends and rodeo's and fun. I miss you all and had an overflow of emails this week, and am so grateful for people who know and love me for me. As a missionary you concentrate on the investigators so much that sometimes I forget about myself and it is nice to know that people love and care about ME! I am a lucky girl to have such a good family and great friends!

Love you! Xoxo Sister Peterson

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