Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013

What a crazy busy week this has been! The field here is very white and ready to harvest! We have been busy little bees trying to get all our appointments organized and people to see. Right now we have a list of 34 potential investigators!! These are all people we talked to once who are interested!! It is such a joy to be working here and with Sister C. She is a hard worker and it is good to be serving with her!
San Angelo is HOT it is true, and humid which I am so not used to. Not bad humid and people here say it is unusually humid here this year, but that is because we have been having rain a few days a week! Which I keep praying for- and maybe in the wrong way because I'll be honest: it is not for the land- any day that He will give us without the 104 degree temps I will be happy! And the other fun thing that comes with the rain is the lightning/thunderstorms. I like those except when they wake us up at night because they are so loud/bright!! It is an adventure and very fun to be here!
Oh for fun: A sister just got her mission call in our ward and guess where she is going?! Twin Falls, Idaho Spanish Speaking!! She got her call and leaves 16 days later! I am glad I had more time than that! But it is so fun to feel her excitement! (she is excited for potatoes up there, too haha)
They have a new calling in the mission: it is a leadership calling for the sisters. Called: Sister Training Leaders. Sister D from American Fork is the one for our area of the mission. She is currently serving in Monahans with none other than Sister S. So when she called 2 weeks ago to set up exchanges I was nervous knowing I would have to spend half the day with Sister S. Well the day came this last week (and honestly with all the people in this area we could use permanently another set of hands). And I told Sister Smith that I was sorry things were hard during training and we had a very nice conversation where she said that she cannot imagine all that I went through training right after being trained. We talked about the good times that we had and it was good closure. I was glad for that opportunity. (Sister R called me later in the week cuz they came and saw them and she said that Sister S told her that she feels bad that we could have been friends) But things are good there now, and I am glad for all I've been through to help me be the person I am now and to help me be the person Heavenly Father wants me to be!
I love you all! Pray for cooler temps for me! Haha

xoxo Sister P.

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