Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3, 2013

We email here at the public library but last week we went to Angelo State University campus. They were still open.
Well we are LOVING San Angelo still! We did have a tornado watch last week, but it just meant we had to stay home. I was a bit freaked because I feel like I need to protect my little comp, but we learned we go in the bathtub and put mattresses on top of us so life is good! haha no biggie! I just pray that we still have these overcast days because Texas is HOTTTTTTTT!!!
Well this week was a goodie! C was baptized on Saturday and it was a very very spiritual baptism. She was crying in the font, and the Spirit was so strong. Since C had been working on baptism for a while she really understood the importance and it was just beautiful! And then yesterday we had a WONDERFULLLY amazing day! First off because of job schedules and deaths we weren't expecting anyone at church and then S, a guy we talked to once in his driveway and gave him a Book of Mormon came! We had an appointment with him but his girlfriend said he wasn't home... as we walked away she said, "oh but he has been reading that book you gave him!!" We thought he blew us off and now this!! So exciting! And we got 2 new ward missionaries: Sisters!! And they are both SO SO EXCITED! Just what we prayed for and need! One of them even went up in testimony meeting and said she had been praying for more missionary experiences and they got this calling!! We are so excited! The ward is really involved and we have a really good, close relationship with the Relief Society president and she is working hand in hand with us and some less active sisters! It is so so wonderful!!
(ps Doc has fallen off the face of the earth- I keep telling myself and Sister C. that he is out of the country because we have no idea why he went MIA...)
PS best investment ever made as a missionary! Typing class!! I can write longer letters! Yay! haha
I love you all!

sister P! 

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