Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

Alrighty! Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday Granddad!!!

Today is a foggy day here! We can't even see the sun behind the clouds- Sister O thought it might snow! How crazy is that!  But our most exciting news is that TODAY WE ARE GOING TO THE TEMPLE! So excited I can hardly see straight! They are opening it special for the missionaries in our zone today and we will have a completely full session- every single seat filled with something like 40 of us! Crazy isn't it! The rest of the mission will just come as districts but we will all be there as a zone. I am very excited- like Christmas morning excited! 

We had a smooth transfer. Traveling and all that packing made me a very tired girl! Especially since we had to be at the church by 6:30 to wait for the bus- I had to get up before that to pack my last things and get ready. So I was exhausted by the time I got here. And since I've been on my mission I struggle with motion sickness. So that was not so fun after being in a bus for about 10 hours. But it was good to talk to missionaries. Sister C got transferred up here so I was able to update her on things and I was able to sit with Sister R until Monahans. Then we got here and I am LOVING Sister O!  She is from Draper, Utah and was the first 19 year old in our mission. She went to Utah State before and is just so quirky and fun. She has been out for about 7 months. And we work REALLY well together and get along really great! She does great impersonations and has me laughing all day long! This is going to be a great transfer!

So we had Stake Conference yesterday and so I am still feeling a bit out of the loop with the ward. But that's alright, Sister O knows exactly what is going on! As I was talking with Sister R on the bus we realized how many contacts we had with YSA aged people while we were here and I recognize that maybe that is one of the reasons I am back. We have already contacted 2 of them (S and C) and set up appointments AND there were these less actives we were working with back then and so Sister O and I went my first day here to check up on them (esp since one is YSA aged) and sadly (so sadly) they had moved! BUT of all the miracles- the lady who moved in wasn't home but her granddaughter and best friend were WHO ARE YSA! So we are now teaching them! 

We split the YSA with Sister O's old companions and the Assistants. The Assistants are pretty busy so that's that. And we are still working out the kinks of sharing in a YSA. There are definitely enough to share but how to split boundaries and such is interesting. Right now we are kinda just working with what we come in contact with and going from there. Luckily we have a great relationship with the other sisters so communication and organization is fine! 

If anyone looks at my blog probably no letters in the mail from me this week. Too busy with a temple trip.. :/ sorry 

I love you HAPPY HALLOWEENIE!! XOXOXO dress up real nice for me since I can't!! 

Love Sister Peterson!

Me and my cute comp

me and my old comps.

Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

I have about a billion things in my head and 100 things to write about so I just hope I don't forget anything!
Most importantly is that we had transfer calls this week: and I'M BEING TRANSFERRED!! :( I may or may not have cried about it. Mostly just when thinking about leaving M. He was progressing so well and I just don't want that to stop. But I know Heavenly Father has a plan for him, so it will all turn out alright! So yes, I am leaving and guess who is replacing me?! None other than Sister S who I trained!! All of the sisters here will have had ME for a companion at one time. A common enemy shall we say?! No... the three of us are really sad to separate, we had a REALLY good transfer and I love these girls so much! (oh they will also be switching areas with the elders we share the ward with... cool right?) But L here I come. Oh yes, I am going to L. That is the YSA there to serve with Sister O. All I know about her is that when I was there last she was just being trained and in that exact ward. So she has been there for like 7 months. Also I found out that she will be my senior companion since she has been in the area so long! Funny right? I guess I spoke too soon when I said I would be senior for the rest of my mission!!!  
I do have some reservations about going to L. Especially since I don't have super warm feeling about the last time I was there. But I feel like a completely different person this go round so I am excited. I just look at the positives and am going to go and visit the people we were teaching and loved up there and tell them to meet with the missionaries again if they aren't!! Plus a few that we loved like K and C are YSA age anyway!! I am grateful to get out of the allergies here but then just to go to a windy cold city... But we will be sharing the ward with the Assistants... Which should be fine but is just intimidating! Also I feel like a kid on the first day of school. The YSA is my age!! Will they like me? Will we get along? What should I wear? hahaha no.... but I loved the YSA aspect of the New Mexico ward, but this is total YSA here. It will be good it is all just the unknown.
We leave here (we are the first stop) on a charter bus tomorrow morning at 7 and it is like a 9 hour bus ride since we have to stop at every zone along the way! I am almost done packing and am happy about that! It hasn't been that bad this go round and just hate the packing side of all of this!
So apparently it is this transfer all of us will be able to go to the temple! I am so excited I can hardly stand it! I have dreams about being home after the mission all the time. And about half way through EACH of the dreams I realize that I have been home for x amount of time and haven't gone to the temple yet and start freaking out!! So this will be awesome!
We had an awesome lesson with M this week. He said that he doesn't believe that this church is any different from any other one BUT he said that in the first lesson we had with him I told him that if he will read the Book of Mormon he will come to know that this is true!!! And he said he is holding on to that one thing, and hoping that it is true. He told me I have been honest with him so far so he is going to believe this too! I told him that he will never know that it is true unless he prays about it, and though he isn't yet to the point that he will commit to praying this is major progress!! He also came to gospel principles on Sunday!! Miracles are happening!
We also felt inspired to heart attack a family (our assistant ward missionary) he went through 2 surgeries last week and her sister is currently in the hospital. So we heart attacked them Thursday night and on Friday she called us (she said she immediately knew we did it) to say that it was crazy because he was feeling really bad so they had taken him to the hospital and during the time that they had left the house to the hospital and she came back to get clothes for the kids we had heart attacked them!! I am so grateful for promptings of the Spirit to do random acts of service!!
I love this place and am so sad to leave, but I know that Heavenly Father has great things in store for me! I love you all so much- and Mom and Dad I keep telling everyone we 3 will be back to visit them!! Yay! Can't wait!  Love you all!! I'll let you know my new address as soon as I get it!
xoxoxo Your missionary!

Sister Peterson!  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 15, 2013

It's raining it's pouring the missionaries are soaring!
What a BUSY day!! I have had the busiest last 3 days of my mission ever. Period.

And yes it is pouring rain here. I am just glad I have water proof boots. I don't have to worry about wet socks thankfully!
Funny you should say that Columbus day is a funny holiday. All the schools here were out yesterday. And of course the library was too. So here I am emailing you tonight- because this is the only time we had free today!! So yes the work is going wonderfully- but hopefully my head doesn't fall off. Sunday we left for church in the morning and didn't come home until 9:00 that night. Then Monday we cut p-day an hour short to go to an early lesson and then didn't get home until 9:30 (which is allowed when in a lesson) and then Today we left for district meeting after studies and haven't been home since, and now here we are. We don't have such a hectic day tomorrow, which will be good.
Transfer calls are Saturday and we will see how that goes! I am hoping to stay. We are doing so much here that it will be heartbreaking to leave, but I know that Heavenly Father will inspire President to send me (or keep me) where I am needed most. So we shall see.
Welp, it was Sister T's 23rd birthday on Saturday. So our district leader and his companions decorated the bedroom for her! I'm sending pictures. It is about 150 balloons! We got rid of a few of them yesterday, but it was really fun. I think she enjoyed herself. We went out to Applebees for dinner to celebrate.
This past week we also had exchanges. Sister D (who is our Sister Training Leader) and her two companions: Sisters C and D came for 24 hours. It is so fun to serve with other missionaries. I am sad to say that I will forever be the senior companion- since there are no sisters "older" than Sister L and me out. It is so crazy to me how many sisters are now in the mission, and how young they are. But they are definitely ready for service. They are so much braver than I was at their age. (and yes some Elders do call me Grandma- remember how they are 5 years younger than I am. And how BP is their age- and how I babysat him. Oh yeah I remember that! - But don't worry, I don't let 'em forget it either haha)
Things are coming along with our investigators. M is out of town for the week, but we had a few lessons with him this past week so things are looking good. His hardest struggle is recognizing the Spirit- but isn't that common for all of us? :) He has sincere desire so I know things will change for him. Then also we have been working with a part-member family. We are teaching the dad M. He is atheist but he isn't. We had a breakthrough lesson with him yesterday where the Spirit guided are questions and we found out that he groups ALL religions together. So if he sees one hypocritical person who believes in God he doesn't want to be associated with them at all and so he just chooses not to believe all together. We were able to testify to him that we are the one TRUE church. That this is it. He still won't pray since he doesn't believe anyone is listening, but we are getting there.
I love you all lots! Xoxo!
Love Sister Peterson

Exchanges with the sisters Sister C is up top, Da in the middle and Du in the bottom. 
You should recognize the rest of us. 

and our District picture today

Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

Hello!!!!!!!!!!! From TEXhasss!!!! It is finally (kinda) cooling off here. It is like August in Utah. Not like any October I can remember!! Even Portales got cold since there is a wind there... but not here.
Wasn't conference just splendid?! How wonderful it is to have living day Prophets! It was such a miracle because L is having such an issue with tithing- and then this past week C brought up tithing and it was what we had been praying for: Elder Bednars talk!! It brought tears to my eyes! Heavenly Father sent that talk just for us down here in San Angelo! But each session, each talk was that way! M was with us during the sessions and kept saying, "this talk is just for me" and then the next speaker, "this one too!!" and on and on. Each one applied so perfectly to this area and to me!! We visited a less active last night and she was sick and ended up watching all the sessions. She knew that she was sick for a reason and it allowed her to not have to work and to watch. She now wants to return to the temple and we set up an appointment with her to meet with the Bishop. What an amazing weekend!
Also we had an amazing lesson with M between sessions on Sunday. We with the bishopric and the ward mission leaders all fasted for this sweet man. And his heart is changing. We asked him to say the closing prayer and it was beautiful! He asked for help to understand what we are teaching him (which this is the first time he has admitted that he is willing to be taught) and he asked for help to know the TRUTH! This is a huge step! I was on cloud nine! 
We did have interviews this past week, and President didn't give me much to work with. He said that it was something I needed to decide though it is not an easy thing for him to request. I was really hoping that he would give me some fatherly advice, but I'm afraid I didn't get any. But I think I already had my answer. I felt as Oliver in Doctrine and Covenants 6:23. I had peace about January but not about December. I don't understand why, because I miss you all SO much. And it just makes sense to go home when all will be around, but our ways are not God's ways. So I will go and do and hopefully we will all see and understand why. I love you all and am sorry for the inconvenience this will cause.  
Mom: less actives I LOVE THEM! We spend a lot of time with them. We see about 5 or 6 a week. It really all boils down to visiting teaching though. If people would diligently do and magnify their visiting teaching then what a difference this all would make. It all starts with love. They just need love and then you need to love them enough to help them change. Yes it is good to be their friend and see them once a month and talk about the kids or work or whatever that is important. But no one is going to see change until they are invited to act. Invited to come to church, to read their scriptures. Out of love we need to ask them about their spiritual work also. "did you read anything interesting in your scripture study this past week?" And then you can see how they are being nourished. And if they aren't you be the one to say "well I know this isn't the easiest thing to do- but it will come with time. So how about we text each other every day to remind each other to read and pray." It really is that simple, but sometimes people forget that. They let all the what if's cloud the way. These people want to understand and come back, but they need our help. And in Utah this is especially what missionary work is about. And in Alma 31:34-35. Notice the word again. Most in Utah have already heard the good word of God, but they need to come back and again taste of it's goodness. Okay that's my two bits!
Love you all see you soon (3 MONTHS! GAHH!!)
xoxox Sister Peterson