Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013

Hello Hello!
Sounds like you all are having as much fun in the sun as we are down here!! Yep we got some of those wonderfully hot 105 degree temps!  But we are being very good about drinking lots of water and even on bike day stayed cool with no sunburns!!
Right now we are still teaching T and his step daughter R. The mom L is not really interested, but she will get there. Especially with how much of an amazing change we have seen in T. T is a rockstar! He has been eating up the Book of Mormon! Like read half the book in a week! And he has back problems so the elders came and gave him a blessing and the Spirit was so strong. His wife was there for that and she even felt it! He looks and acts so differently, I have never seen such a visual change in an investigator, and it has made him more motivated and he has cleaned up his whole house and just wants the Spirit there! He is so ready to be baptized on the 13th it is so exciting! R is growing too, but more slowly: we are really trying to focus more on her now too since T is usually where the lesson goes with, but she loves Young Womens and last night we had a great lesson about how the Book of Mormon applies to us. Love them!!
We had zone conference this week in Abilene. I was able to see Sister R, and I love her so so much! She is doing well and is in our zone and it was so fun to be around her. We are a noisy little bunch when we are together but it was so fun to laugh.
For the 4th we have a normal day until 6 then we are planning on making some good food, but we have to stay inside. Crazy that this is my one year mark! I can't believe it, but it is very exciting! I am going to push hard till the end and am mostly just looking forward to summer to be over because of this intense heat! I always loved fall more anyway!  (except this heat makes me miss boating so much! have fun this week!!)
The ward is getting all ready to push hard and be more involved! I am excited and so lucky to be out serving at this time! We are seeing a lot of good here in San Angelo (and luckily today even have rain!! yay)
I love you all lots! Keep those letters, pictures, and love coming! I miss you!

Love Sister P! 

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