Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013

Well transfer calls came at the early morning time of 12:30 am! We waited up all that time to just find out that we are all staying! Which I think is really good. We all have a lot to learn from each other still, so I am good with it!
So since the boys get to have all this fun up in Alaska, does that mean when I get home all of us girls get to go play too?! Dad says that Mitch is quite the person up in Alaska! Woot woot! Mitch thanks for all the pictures it was fun to see everything! I miss ya'll!
Um I am not sure what else to write! There are lots of mosquitoes here, and our legs most of the time look like we have the chicken pox. We have bug spray but the mosquitoes get us in the most unexpected times! It doesn't matter where we are or how long we are out they always find us! And I have only ever been bitten on my arm and then today my neck once, but other than that it is always our legs!!!
Ummm... the work is still progressing we have lots of appointments almost everyday, but this past week we didn't have any investigators at church. We did have quite a few less actives that we are working with. 3 in fact! I love working with less actives. Number one they are nicer, number two they usually know that this is true, and number three they usually want to come back but just want help. And that is what we are here for!! It has also been great to see the way the ward members are wanting to help us, sometimes they just need to be taught how to help, how to do missionary work, and then they are off like a jet! It is really awesome and now that our ward mission leader is back (he was gone for all of July) we can really make a difference! It is great and I am very excited for this transfer! Can you believe it is already August!!
I love you all!!

Love your missionary!

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