Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013

Can you believe it! One year has come and gone!! It has been over a year now that I have seen any of you!!! I miss you lots, but know that these next few months are going to FLY!! No worries, not trucky! I feel more motivated than I have been my whole mission!
Our companionship is doing great! We had a lot of good bonding experiences this past week, including hurrying and making a big potato salad for our fourth of July pot luck with the elders. After 6 pm we weren't allowed to be out anymore so we all got together at the institute and ate food and played games. It was really fun, and then that night I peeked and could see fireworks in the sky outside the window! :) So different from last year but good none the less! I kinda fail at life though and am not a good photographer so I'm sorry I have nothing to share.
T is all set to be baptized this Saturday. He has basically read the whole Book of Mormon in the 2 weeks that we have been meeting with him! And come to find out his cousin is a bishop in California!
This week has been a week full of awe for me. God works in such mysterious and miraculous ways, and I am lucky to be able to notice them. With our companionship and our investigators. For example we set a goal last week to ask members at church for referrals. Sister C is boss so she went up and asked a girl named M. M just moved in but said her neighbor is always home and might be interested. So we tried the house this past week, but got lost and confused, and didn't feel right about it, so we decided to ask her about it again. We asked if we could come to her house and then she could show us. Well,  we went last night and she opened up while we were there about her husband. How he was baptized at 8 but then never ever was active. He just so happened to be home at the time so we taught the Plan of Salvation. We afterwords told her how amazing it was that Sister C chose her to ask for a referral and then we got lost so we had to come, and then at a time when her husband was home. It was a miracle and we hope to be able to continue to see it unfold.
The mission is amazing! This work is true! I love you all, thanks for your prayers. Play in that water as much as you can, because MAN I miss that! haha But this is so worth it! 
Love you!
Sister Peterson

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