Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013

Hello- Guess What! It is currently RAINING here!! Yay! Love cooler temps!
I sat next to a family in our ward yesterday during sacrament, and they have a 5 year old little boy, and man did it make me miss my kiddles! This little boy wanted to talk my ear off, and was drawing me pictures and such and I am so excited to see all my babies when I come home! 

We were all craving fish yesterday! Oh and I've been buying squash and cooking it. We all wish we had a garden here.
This week was good! T was baptized on Saturday, and after fasting for his family this past week, his wife is feeling more open to learning more!! Yay!! T has a bad back so he had to squat and be baptized forwards (it took two times, and was really interesting) but he is such a trooper and is so solid! He is so excited for a calling and the ward is really taking him in.
Also I am grateful for my time in China, yet again I get to apply my experiences there. A ward member is married to a woman from Korea, and we went to go visit her last night. Using the tool of interpretation by the Spirit and from my months in China I was able to follow the conversation. My companions had a harder time, but we are going back to talk to her again. She believes the Book of Mormon is true, and reads it everyday, but she was going to the 7th day Adventists, and is convinced that we need to worship on Saturday. She kept telling us that somewhere down the line someone decided that they wanted to go to heaven and noone else so they convinced us to worship on the wrong day! We know though that it all goes back to if Joseph Smith is a Prophet and we have a Prophet leading the church today. Because if we do He would let us know if we were worshipping on the wrong day.
We also had a really cool experience. We were walking down the street (we always try and park the car like a block away so we have the opportunity to meet people) and as we were headed to this one house we saw this group of people listening to loud music all congregated by the side of this house. Well, we had tried the people there before and were just lead on a goose chase, and since we try and be careful as sisters, we just kept walking. Well as we are crossing in front of their house I hear "Excuse me, miss?" and this girl (like 20's) was walking towards us. She then asked if we were the Latter-Day Saints church? We said yes and she asked if we would pray with her. She had met with the missionaries in Louisiana before. (which makes sense- everyone here thinks we as girls are Jehovah's Witnesses, not Mormons) So we said a prayer with her (she looked to be in a bad shape and cried the whole prayer through) and after talking a bit continued on our way. Well we knocked on the house we were headed for in the first place, (like 2 doors down) and then we see from that same house she was at a guy come out to the driveway and throw his arms in the air and say, "HEY I NEED PRAYER TOO!!" So we told him one second, talked to the lady at that house we had just knocked and went back. It was that girl's brother and then the mom (who we had tried seeing before but always blew us off) and everyone there came around as we talked about prayer and the Book of Mormon! It was awesome and we have a return appointment with them tonight. It is not very often that people call us off of the streets to talk, and it was an amazing experience to be able to be an instrument in the Lord's hands to show these people His love for them.
Love you all lots!
Sister P!

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