Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013

Hello! Hello!
I wish we had that much rain down here! Luckily the days are cooling off- but that means in the 90's here. I am just happy to be able to wear my hair down, I used to get SO hot I had to wear my hair up to try and help stay cool. I guess I wouldn't actually like that much rain here either though, because with the rain comes the humidity: and it gets bad here. Not China bad, but still no fun. This is for sure not Utah.
Though I would like some fresh peaches!! Next time you send a package feel free to put in a large bag of dried peaches. We will eat them right up! :)
Well exciting news this week: T, our recent convert from July: his step daughter R and his wife L have both accepted baptismal dates!!! It is for October 19th because L works every Sunday so we are all fasting and praying for some changes at work for her! So far so good... we are very excited! R has gone every week with T to church, but wasn't dedicated in actually learning for herself, and testing the gospel out. But now she is!!! We are so excited for this family- and we are now just working on finding more prepared people! T blessed the sacrament for the first time this past week and he did so well! He had a stroke (before we knew him) so he has a hard time reading- and would practice like everyday. He had a really hard time with the word sanctify but he said it PERFECTLY in church yesterday!!
Sister T is great! She is from Rexburg, Idaho so we get along great- since I was born right there at Madison Memorial Hospital! She has been out about 9 months, and is a great missionary! She loves to laugh and I love when people think I am funny so life is good! haha
Right now we have cleaned out our potential list and are starting fresh! I have been thinking and studying a lot about the temple- since we can't go I have been reading from the temple prep book and the bible dictionary and loving it! So I realized that Heavenly Father, like we always say, is a God of order. So I studied a lot on stewardship- and we have come up (as a companionship) the way to better be accountable to the Lord and over the stewardship in our area here. I have always struggled with letting people own their own stuff, by being the control freak I am- but I am really trying to work on that. Heavenly Father has always let us learn from our mistakes- even when it hurts him! I often think about the 3rd hosts of heaven and how sad that must have made Him. So I have to not control the situation but allow our investigators, my companions, the members, and other missionaries learn for themselves: even when it effects me and is hard for me. :)
We met with the bishop here yesterday to ask him for some less actives to go see. As we were talking to him he said something to the effect of, "oh I don't need to worry about you- you are the hard working ones!" Our bishop is great here and we are hoping this transfer to really get the members involved. One hard thing with that is that 75% of the members live in the elder's area. Meaning when we meet with them to talk about referrals: they are usually working with their neighbors... so they will all go to the elders. BUT it's all the same work, and we really like the 3 elders we share a ward with.
 Okay well that's all I've got. Yes mom I got your package- not on monday though it came a day or two later.
Love you all! xoxo



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