Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

Well transfer calls came and Sister P and I are staying here and getting another companion: Sister T! She is currently companions with Sister R, so I know her pretty well. And then Sister C is being transferred over to Midland. She is excited and a bit nervous. We were all pretty sure that I would be the one leaving and so now Sister C is having a harder time saying goodbye to everyone. But I know that this will be a great experience for her.
My one sadness about staying is that the members say the allergies only get worse in the coming months. I was taking a daytime 24 hour allergy pill but it was giving me like mood swings with bursts of energy and then lows of tiredness. So I stopped taking that one and since most of the allergy pills have that same active ingredient I am only taking an allergy pill at night. So far I am doing better- since it helps to have my sinus cleared at least once a day. So I dunno what to do about all of that. Everyone says that this is the worst place and gives everyone allergies. I am on a man hunt for local honey but no luck yet. :/ If I get desperate I figure I can pay the extra money for the name brand allergy pills but they are like a dollar a pill. So yep that's that.
Sounds like you all had a fun week. I am glad you saw Jessica, I love that girl. And we heard about the BYU game at church. People were pretty upset- but that is really funny about firing the defensive coach! haha too great!
Kate I got all your blog updates! I laughed so hard at the slip n slide one! Too funny that baby girl!! I am excited to love on her one day!
I was hoping to hear about what President said. If he answers you early enough in the week you should shoot me a letter and let me know. I am very curious.
We met a really cool guy yesterday as we were coming out to our car after visiting a member of the ward. He was taking out his trash and called over to us, "So whatcha selling?" haha I answered, "nothing just the good word of God!" We went up and started talking to him. He is a man in his 60's probably and very well-to-do. He had a gold fancy FANCY watch and his hands were decked out with gold rings. We explained to him that we are missionaries and he told us he had a good friend who was a member and they used to fly their planes into Salt Lake to visit sometimes. He then asked us if we were married or had fiances and when we answered no he said, "Well, do your parents have to choose your mate?" And we all laughed and told him no, and explained how we just focus on missionary work for these 18 months. He then said, "Well, I have 11 grandsons... and I'm pretty sure some of them will be your ages!" He then turned to Sister C and asked her how old she was, "Well, you all look so young- are you 16?" (HAHAHAHAHA yes my poor little companion. She looks young.. real young. But at least this is a huge improvement from when we first were companions. She used to get asked if she was 12 all the time!) Major improvement. But we had a nice talk with him and we are going back this week to talk to his wife, who he said has read the Book of Mormon before. We meet the coolest people on the mission.
We had another baptism this past Saturday. It doesn't really count in mission numbers but this one was a big one for me. A member referred us to her next door neighbor who was excommunicated 30 years ago. We had been teaching her all transfer, and finally she was baptized Saturday. It was so awesome because all her family came too. None of them have any association with the church and we know they are already seeing the change in her and hopefully will follow her example! The gospel of Christ is amazing and does change lives like nothing else can! 
I am grateful to be out here were I can also try to be better and focus on smoothing out my faults also. I know that Heavenly Father hears our prayers and that Christ will take our pains and afflictions upon him. He lives. I know it.

Love- Sister Peterson 

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