Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

Hello Fam-
We had a great week! It was a little slow in the missionary work side of things. Sister T was sick one day and we had Zone Conference and traveling to that (it was a bit of a mess because we had to caravan... but it all worked out). Zone Conference was AMAZING! Elder Walker is over all the temples including designs and locations and training temple presidents and everything in between! He said that next to the councilors he meets with the Prophet more than anyone else!! How amazing it was to be taught at the feet of this amazing man!
And RS session was grand! It was so great to hear all about covenants when (hopefully soon) we here will be able to go to the temple! And I loved President Monson's talk on prayer! It was all so good! And one of the less actives who attended told her fellowship that it had touched a lot of her concerns, and when we asked her about it on Sunday she said that it touched her in a lot of different ways! She attended all of church yesterday for the first time since she was in young women!!!

And church all around was so great yesterday. We had that less active PLUS C who was baptized about 5 years ago and then fell away-and a member asked us to go see her and we have been for the past few months (she is basically totally active now! rediscovered her testimony!) Well her husband who has never been interested and is a sneak and somehow disappears from the room whenever we start talking about religion- he told her that he would like to come to church!!! We have high hopes and plans to work on that this week!
Then H and M also came to church- less active mother and daughter and M hasn't been to church since she was in High School probably- so like more than 10 years! They had SUCH  a warm reception when they arrived yesterday! It was amazing!
And C is doing awesome too! She is the one who hadn't been to church in 13 years until she started coming with us! Well she had been out of town for a few weeks and is now back and we helped do service at her house this past week and she is SO GRATEFUL! She is getting rid of all the old (no more alcohol or cigarettes in the house!) and ready to move forward with the gospel! It is so rewarding to see these amazing sisters grab hold with both hands to all that the Savior has to offer in His restored church!
Other than less actives L and R: R is doing really well! She is announcing to everyone that she is getting baptized and is SO EXCITED!! Then on the other hand we have L... who well is in a hold up. She has a real problem with Tithing and we are trying to help her build her faith but Satan is tricky and is really working on that whole household to create distractions! We dunno what to do, but Heavenly Father does and He will help us.
Grandma is excited for you all to come up to the cabin! That sounds so fun! I miss the cabin so much. And I am so excited for General Conference!
We had a lot of rain again this week, which everyone is excited about here in Texas but makes for a wet Sister Peterson. Missionary work in the rain is not so fun- I am just glad I wasn't called to serve in like Seattle or something. haha
Welp, not much else to report. I will talk to President Thursday and let you know next week what's up!
Love you all!

Your missionary-

Sister Peterson

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