Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013

Welp once upon a time I live in Texas. And Texas is currently in a drought. And so everyone prays for rain and God hears and answers prayers so mid week it down poured. And since I live in Texas they don't believe in drainage systems. So it all pools in the middle of the streets and becomes rivers. Never ending adventure around here for sure! But I was excited to pull out my colder clothes and wear my boots and today I am wearing a cardigan. It is cooler and nice in the mornings- but the sun is out today so I will probably have to ditch the cardi later today.
So Zone Conference is this Wednesday and it is going to be in Midland, and I'm excited because it will be about half the mission! We never get the whole mission together here because the land mass and travel is too large, so this will be fun! There will be a lot of sisters there I don't know so I am excited to put names with faces. Also Elder William R. Walker will be there.  So no I haven't talked to President yet, and each day it changes but today I feel like I want to stay till January. I still don't have a firm feeling on what I should do, but we also have never confirmed anything with President so who knows. I currently feel like my old life is a dream, and right now I am busy doing the missionary work I need to do so sorry nothing finalized yet.
Also MOST EXCITING THING EVER!! This is a clip from President Augustin's email!!!
 "And if this isn't enough great news, we announce the blessing of attending the temple.  For two years we have tried every which-way to have our missionaries blessed with at least one temple session here at the Lubbock Temple while they serve.  But because of the temple's inability to host such a large number, distances, housing, weather, and mission president's being reminded missionaries are here to serve as missionaries, preaching and teaching, we have never been able to offer this.  But after much, much discussion and planning, we think we have finally arrived at a workable method of permitting you to attend the temple at least once during your service here.  This will be an added blessing to attend the House of the Lord and be part of a new, recently released film version of the endowment.  It is also a blessing to be able to come and be reminded of the sacred covenants each of us has made to our Heavenly Father.  We believe the work will increase even more after you have revisited the sacred instruction of a House of the Lord.  We will have to work out exact times, days, due to weather, temple availability, etc. so have faith and lots of patience.  This is a blessing!"
We had the whole C family at church yesterday! That is our recent convert T and his wife L (who has troubles getting Sunday's off) and her daughter R. Then also A their friend came with them. All three of those have baptismal dates set! T has the fire of conversion burning and is helping others come closer to Christ!
Most amazing story this week: In our ward is a part member family. They are a senior couple and we had been working with her with her neighbors. She had told us upfront about her husband and so I thought that was a closed case- but then after a few weeks something she said struck me and I asked her if we could talk to him about the gospel and she said that we can try... So finally we were able to set up a time for us to go to their home! And can I just say how nervous I was for this appointment. I want him to understand the importance of the truths we teach so SO BADLY! I want it for him and I want it for his family! We prayed so so hard and I know that it was all because of that effort that the lesson went well. M confessed things to us about the church that surprised his wife. That he doesn't know how to recognize the Spirit and that in his 79 years of living he doesn't think he has ever received an answer from God. He was not really open, but not disagreeable which is a huge difference and we were able to convince him to try again. To try and read and pray this time, and allow us to help him!! And so far so good!! We have been leaving him sticky notes with reading assignments on his front door because when I asked if we could call him to check up on his reading he told me he wouldn't answer the phone :) haha and I guess when we left the first one (on the door not the one we left the night of our appointment) he mentioned to his wife that he had already read this very first assignment!!!! We have another appointment tomorrow with him and I am hoping so hard! His wife started crying at church yesterday when I talked to her and she said she is afraid to hope- so I told her not to hope that I would do all the hoping for her! :)
That was all on our crazy day Tuesday where we had 6 set appointments that all went through and district meeting in the morning! I love this area and wouldn't mind one bit if I stay till the end!
Love you! xoxo

attached is a picture of a cake we made L for her birthday! We made it during lunch and dinner breaks. It is two cakes carved into a butterfly and such! Someday I'm gonna make a good wife! haha 

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