Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16. 2013


I said I wasn't sure about Skype, BUT we actually just found out we CAN skype. For 45 minutes only this year. So I liked the google plus so I could see everyone. I don't know details of when or where I am even going to do it yet (especially since we are in a ysa and everyone is gone) but we will do it. Just let me know next monday what will work best for y'all and we will try and swing it. I'll also need Mitch's account or something again. 

Oh and the Christmas party is tomorrow. :) YAY! 

I cannot wait to see my babies! Kate sent me funny pictures of Sabree this morning! :)  I don't even really know her! And I love that Mad's told dad she wanted to live with them forever and then 15 minutes later had changed her mind! Too great! I can not wait to see them all! and I am glad we get to skype so that they will be able to see me and wont be scared of me when I fly in! 

Today Sister L got on the plane to fly home. As I think of these past two weeks, and as I started crying in Relief Society yesterday because I don't want this to all come to an end, I am just really really glad I decided to stay here. We are doing some really great things in this ward and I am glad I'm not done yet! Sister K and I have been trying to focus on how to help and miracles are happening. The Spirit was so strong in our ward council yesterday as we brought up the ward mission plan. A new Relief society president (the only sister in the whole ward who is an RM) and a new Elders quorum president this past month have really laid forth the foundation for us to all help each other and change for the better! It was one of the greatest and wonderful experiences I have had working with a ward, and I am excited to see it still unfold. 

Also all 4 of us sisters in the ward were asked last Sunday if we could speak. So yesterday we did. It was really funny because S Kramer was having the hardest time putting her talk together. I told her Saturday that it was probably because she wasn't going to end up speaking and sure enough! She was last on the program and we ran out of time! (that's what happens when they put 4 sister missionaries all on the same Sunday!) But I was asked to speak on  Building the Kingdom with my three main focuses: the Savior's birth, preparing for the 2nd coming through the scriptures, and sharing the gospel with others. Kinda crazy subjects to smoosh together, but I felt so inspired as I prepared and a recent convert told me afterwards that of all the talks she has heard in her year of being a member that mine was the best she has ever heard! I thought that was so sweet of her. The bishop on the other hand afterwards said that this was just preparation for the talk I'll have to give in a month...when I'm home! :) dagger in the heart!! haha no it's okay. But in my talk I felt so inspired to share the hymn, "They, the Builders of the Nation." It was perfect for my topic. I read the first verse at the very beginning and said that this is talking about they who went before us- but I want to talk about us being builders now. So instead to say "WE, the Builders of the Nation." I am so grateful for hymns because I barely know that hymn but the tune came into my mind as I was preparing to speak. I looked it up and knew that I was inspired of God to share it with this ward. I closed my talk by reading the second verse and said that I wanted that verse to be our motto. Look it up. I think Hymn 36. It is a great song. 

Other than that our work is dwindling. Everyone has left for home. But that's okay we are still working hard to bring about a great work! 

With my responsibilities of STL, it means we go on exchanges with all the sisters in our zone. And since there are two zones in Lubbock we are over, it is 2 zones. So there are about 14 of us total! Sister Johnson and I work together so we left our companions in this area and we went on exchanges this past week: Sister T and Sister C. We had a real nice exchange where we go to their area for 24 hours. They are both such amazing sisters and I just really want to help and lift: though they are doing so well there wasn't much lacking there. But it was good to be with Sister C again. So after that exchange I had great ideas on how I can train and provide more assistance and we found out, later on in the week, that since we have our Christmas parties this week, and then Christmas next week that they decided to cancel all of the exchanges for the rest of the transfer! I may or may not have cried when I found that out. I just really wanted the chance to help, and this is my only chance as an STL. But I do know that Sister J and I both prayed about who to see that first week, and even though I don't feel like I did much to help that I can find peace in knowing I was following the Spirit. And Sister K is the nicest and told me that Heavenly Father called me at this specific time for these specific sisters because I could help them in different ways, without going on exchanges with them. So I have been really focusing on praying for each sister, and I have set a goal to give each sister an uplifting quote each time I see them. I am just trying to do what little I can with what little I have. 

So that is life here: deep in the heart of Texas! Where the 16th of December looks like a nice March day. No snow, but always a chilly wind. 

I love and miss you all! 

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