Monday, December 23, 2013

December 23, 2013

HOWWWWWWWWWDAAAAAAAAAYYYY! A big Texas Birthday celebration for Kate today!! xoxo
Wait Christmas is this week....? I thought it was MAY with the weather we are having! :) It is so weird to be so sunshiny and warm (at least for the most part). But we are so excited to talk to y'all!!!
Mama thanks for the package and I will keep my eye out for the one coming for Sister K. Thank you SO much for doing that! Also I didn't know I wasn't supposed to open it till Christmas......... so I did. BUT I didn't look or read anything...I am waiting. But we are way excited for the muffins Christmas morning! And I know you said you didn't like the pillowcase color but we laughed at your note about them being puke green, and we like them fine! Also we finally had the Christmas party. It was really fun. We had to act out Christmas songs and man some missionaries are creative. "Grandma got ran over by a reindeer" was probably my favorite. :) Do you want all the stocking you sent me back? I have like 4 or five now? The package is great! It is such a good idea and way fun to open presents everyday!!
I also found this past Monday the perfect souvenirs for the Grandma's and something great to hang on the stairs! It was a dream come true! I'll wait to give them to you until I get home!
Christmas day we are eating dinner with a member of the bishopric and will talk to you at 2 my time. YAYA! Make sure my babies are on so they aren't scared of me when I get home! So excited to see y"all!

Mom, we are over like 5 sets of sisters so to see them in two weeks would be hard, plus one of the weeks we have a missionary leadership training so that would be 3 in one week and with preparation days and weekly planning days they sadly cancelled exchanges. But that's okay I know I have been called at this time so it all works out.
We have been having a rough time this past week especially. Literally EVERYONE is gone away for this month. And then we had one girl we were teaching and she is NOT progressing and told us that the more she researches the Book of Mormon (mind you she hasn't even read any of it!), that the more she thinks it isn't true! Heartbreaking! But Sister K is awesome, and suggested we fast to help us and this area. So we did on Friday and we just feel so much better and we have seen some really cool miracles since then!! Like we have been trying this kid named Alex for a while but he was out of town for 2 weeks and then when we went to see him on Saturday we were talking to him about what he had talked to missionaries about before in California and come to find out he was BAPTIZED! Which we count as a huge blessing that Heavenly Father lead us to him, to help him come back into the fold! We think he didn't realize that this is a worldwide church. So he came to church yesterday. Sadly his family is NOT supportive, but he is headed off to school where he will have a better support group! Then we were out contacting and walked up to this kid on a bench and talked to him about the church. He is from Africa and actually speaks Portuguese: is learning English here and was really interested. So he came to church yesterday (sadly had to cancel on our appointment, but we will be meeting with him tomorrow) and at church we gave him a Book of Mormon and he said that he was really excited because he read about it in the pamphlet we left him and he was wanting to read it! What a huge blessing here!
So life is good, we are just treking along. Hopefully more people will be around after this week, but we are just happy and healthy and excited to talk to all of you! love you lots!
Sister Peterson! 

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