Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2103

"Good Morning Good Morning"  (singing in the rain style!)

Yes, we had transfer calls and I am staying here! Sister O is being transferred after NINE months of staying here! She is going to Midland, and I hope this experience is really good for her. And my new companion is going to be Sister K. I have met her before a few times. She has been out about 7 months, and was down in Abilene when I was in San Angelo. She is from Spanish Fork I believe, but I will have more solid info for you next week. I am excited. This transfer has been hard in the most unusual ways. And I am ready to work till I drop! -Are you ready for this?! :)

So next on the agenda to tell you all about is Thanksgiving! It was eventful to say the least! I can only say I am so SO glad that we had the other missionaries with us. So it was us, and the other sisters in our ward (who are staying this transfer too) and then the assistants. So we went to thanksgiving and it was kinda crazy because A, a less active (who is now active!) who we were working with in the Canyon West ward was there (because small world it was her husband's family!) So that was fun. But after I talked to her at first she went to attend to her kids, and all of us missionaries were left by ourselves for like 45 minutes.... Awkward much. It was really weird, we felt super out of place, until eventually they remembered us and told us to come eat. And that's when things got really weird. The dad of the family came and started talking to us about his mission and about how disobedient he was. Going to movies wearing wigs so that he could go! Gag! IT WAS HORRIBLE! Little did he know he was talking to the assistants and us who all thought it was ridiculous! So after standing up to get pie we announced we had to go! It was so contentious and weird, and just gah! But we went back to the church and played games and ended our Thanksgiving well. So the food was good, but man what a ride! 

Other than that this week was pretty slow. Everyone was out of town for Thanksgiving, but it was fun on Friday we were all invited, here in Lubbock, to go decorate the mission home for Christmas. It was really fun, and when we were done we sang Christmas hymns. It was so wonderful! 

Oh also good news, after thinking I might have a sinus infection, we called the Doctor here and he prescribed me some good stuff for my allergies. He told me not to take decongestants, and I now have a nasal spray and pills I take.  Allergy pills are expensive, but I can honestly say I feel SO much better! I can finally breathe through my nose! Hooray- and finally at the end of my mission!!  

Okay I think that's about it! The weather is like spring in Utah. A little windy, but not winter coat weather. Can't complain! Doesn't feel like December though! Miss you all!!

Sister Peterson

our district. the pic is blurry. sorry

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