Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29. 2013

Hello Hello! Thank you everyone for the wonderful Birthday Surprises! I got spoiled rotten this year! I hadn't gotten Dawn's or Mom's package in the mail on Tuesday and I thought they were late, but when we came home for dinner at 5 there was a note on the front door saying I had "several" packages in the office. So we went and I had THREE! The other one was from Andrea! Also the girls from xray sent me $40 to JCPenney's and Jessica Ault sent me some earrings! Oh and Corrine sent me a bracelet! I hope I'm not forgetting anyone but I was showered with gifts! Did I mention last week that Sister Lao was in town, and that Monday she took us out for lunch for my birthday! 

So thank you Kate for the pretty jewlery! I love it, and thank the boys for the card! Oh ps I got from some random address that face lotion. The package was torn... was it supposed to have the face wash too? But I love having the sunscreen! 

Thank you Dawn and Jordan for the letters and for all the pictures and we love the popcorn! I am not so sure how I like that edited picture of me. It is kinda creepy! hahaha Too funny! And Mom, Dad, and Cami thanks for the cd (i love it) and the dvd (which was really great when I was up at 2:30 in the morning for like 5 hours sick with the flu!) and for the shirts! I'll send that one back today! 

Oh and Mitch congrats on the graduation!! Yay! Victory! You owe yourself a cruise! (that's what I did!)

Yes I got to see Mandy! She sent me a letter with her phone number in it, and said she was coming on Saturday, but then Ivan got off work early so they decided to come on Friday! It was honestly so good to see her, it was like a bit of all of you! And Emma has Tanner's exact eyes! I loved it! I forgot that Ivan served here, and how crazy it is that they are back! I was so good to see them!

Talking about all of you: Mother's day is coming up! We can't do skype, just a call and I have Church at nine. I can split up the call, so whatever works for all of you. Just a heads up! 

Right now our teaching pool is low, with only two investigators. BUT we have like 20 potential investigators we are going to really focus on this week. The other joy around here is that we are working closely with about 4 less actives, and seeing some real progress! It is honestly so great! We also have another less active that we talked to his AWESOME home teacher last night for like 45 minutes about. And we talked all about how we can help and we are going to reteach the lessons and we are all really excited! 

 Transfer calls are Saturday so next letter will let you know all that's going on! I'd be surprised if I leave, but I hope Sister R doesn't leave! 

I love you all!! Thank you for all your love and support! 

the first one is my excited face! and the second one is all of the packages of love I got!!! 

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