Monday, May 6, 2013

May 6, 2013

Hello Hello! So much to say, so little time! 

We got transfer calls on Saturday night and shocker of the century I am TRAINING again! And that's not the most shocking part! The most shocking part is that I am being transferred also! New area, new new companion, and a new adventure! All I know is that her name is Sister C and that we will be serving in the San Angelo 1st ward. There is already a set of missionaries there: but they are splitting the area and we are the north side! I am very excited but feel like my to-do list is as tall as I am, especially since I honestly had no idea this would be happening! It also adds to the list that Sister R is being transferred out of the area here too!! So it is a deep-cleaning, organizing, detailed process we have to make sure everything is ready for the ELDERS they are bringing in! Yep, elders- which the ward hasn't had here for a really long time! But we think that it is just what our investigators and less actives need. It should be good, and we know it is inspired! 

Sister R and I are sad to not be companions anymore, but we see the growth that now can take place. Just as you get comfortable, you know that a change is coming! The fun thing is though that she will be in my same zone in San Angelo, so I will see her at zone conferences and such. She is a character, but a good character! I love her, and hope that my new companion and I get along just as well! 

I feel like I am more prepared and understanding this go-round of training. It is always a bit nerve racking because you have no idea what she will be like. When you have transfers usually you have heard of your companion before, and can usually put a face to their name. But we will have a half day together tomorrow with Sister R before we all go on the transfer bus on Wednesday to San Angelo. (oh I don't think I've ever mentioned the transfer bus because I've never been on it! -since the mission is so big they rent a baptist owned tour bus to drive up the mission one day picking up missionaries, and down the next day- it shall be an adventure!)

When we found out both of us are leaving our hearts broke for the 2 less actives we are working closely with! We are having dinner tomorrow with the one, and last night after an amazing lesson this other family we are working with: she prayed at the end out loud for the first time in her whole life! Tears were shed, and yet again more tears when we told them we are leaving. I know God is in charge and that He will take care of them, but it is still hard when you have to leave. 

Also yesterday was a special Stake Conference. Elder Valenzuela of the 70 came and spoke to us after having a special meeting down in Dallas with Elder Cook. This was Elder V's third talk in English in his WHOLE LIFE! It was a great meeting focused on missionary work, and God's love for each one of us. We had an investigator there for her first time. We had been stopping by on her for about 2 months, and finally she had work of and came and after the meeting we asked her how she liked it and she said that it was so interesting to her that with all the things people say about our church, that of all the different church services she has been to in her life that that was the least judgmental service she has ever been to! She said she was sad to have finally come when we are leaving, but we think the elders will be really good for her husband! 

It was a good week! I love you all.Talk to you Sunday! Love Sister P.

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