Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13, 2013

Hello Everyone!

It was so fun to talk to the fam yesterday and I missed the rest of the clan, but it was so fun to talk. The kids all sound like they are getting so big and I can't even stand it! But it was a highlight that little Madolyn would sing disney and primary songs to me! That was so fun!
Well we made it alive to San Angelo, and we arrived and I had to ask myself if we were still in Texas! It is a green wonderland here! I now know what all these Texans were talking about when they tell me that they are glad they don't have Utah's mountains because they feel claustrophobic! I am afraid I'm getting that way too, and was totally confused that I couldn't see through all the trees! People here say just this past week has been unusually wet, and we did get lakes of rainwater in the streets. It has definitely been an adventure from day one arriving here! Even the bus ride down here was an adventure when we found out we had a car we had to drive from Odessa. But we made is safe and sound, and have a big nice apartment. It is brand new, so no elders or even sisters there before! (thank heavens for the beds!) and the bedroom has a walk in closet big enough to put a twin bed in and still have room! We have had quite the adventure here, getting completely lost almost everyday, and having car headlight troubles: finding where to get it fixed and finding out the car had to have the whole bumper removed! But things have settled down, and we are feeling more adjusted especially since we were able to go and meet the ward at church yesterday. We share this ward with a set of elders, and apparently this is the biggest ward in the area of San Angelo! The goal is to help San Angelo become it's own stake because currently they travel to Abilene. We are working hard and Sister C is awesome and so hard working and I am loving it! We are already teaching a 24 year old and her mother. She prayed out loud for the first time in her life and the elders showed up! They are Spanish elders so they passed them off to us, and we have seen her the past 3 days. I am so grateful for this call to serve here, and I already love the area and see SO MUCH POTENTIAL! Miracles will happen.
Ok so update on Sister C. She is from Gillette, Wyoming. She is the middle child, and a twin. He is in Mississippi on his mission currently. She was homeschooled for most of her life, but not in the weird social way- but in the sheltered innocent way. She is the definition of the word sincere. She is 19 and I have never my whole mission been asked how old I am as much as with her. Honestly EVERY teaching appointment someone asks us how old we are. She just is the sweetest. She really worries that she isn't doing enough and I keep having to remind her to be patient with herself. She wants to be able to know everything right now, and compares herself to me. I keep telling her that I have been doing this for 10 months, and that she has only been out 5 days. She just wants to change the world right this second and make her impact and I love it! She also worries that she doesn't belong being so young, but man this rising generation! She is stellar! I keep telling her the elders have always come out at 19, so not to worry one second! I really love her, and am so grateful to be able to be here with her. She is so sweet and supportive.
We also had a really hard time saying goodbye to all the people in Lubbock I have grown to love, but we see how great it will be for the elders to work that area. We really think they will make a huge impact. But it was so amazing to me to see how attached we grew and they grew to us! Sister R and I already decided road trip it up when she gets home in March!
I love you all! xoxoxo Happy mothers day and Baptism day! 


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