Monday, May 20, 2013

May 20, 2013

Hello Family! 

What a week this has been! We are loving San Angelo... well most of it at least: IT IS HOT HOT HOT!!! We have had temperatures reaching up to about 104! I bathe in sunscreen and drink about a bath tub of water everyday too! But the work is hastening- we are busy and loving it!

I'll share two miracle stories from the week:
The first one is that there is this man we call Doc, because well he is a doctor. He saw the Spanish elders about 3 months ago and stopped them and told them he wanted to come to church. The Spanish elders passed his info on... and we aren't sure what happened but he was never contacted and apparently fell through the cracks. Then one of the SAME elders saw him this past week and went over to talk to him, well Doc said that he was never contacted!! So the elders passed his info onto us! We called him and he told us how he already believes a lot of our beliefs and that he has had a Book of Mormon in his library and occasionally would pick it up to read it and everytime he does- he has the impression that he needs to ask about it!! He asked all about church and he had left us a message adn in it said that he was looking maybe for membership in our church!!!! GOLDEN MIRACLE!!! He wasn't able to make it out due to patients yesterday, but we are so excited to meet with him!
Then another miracle from this week is when we were trying a referral at an apartment complex, and after we talked to that guy we were walking back to the car and there was a guy in front of us turning the corner. So we asked him if we could give him a card for a free dvd about Jesus Christ. He said yes and we invited him to church. He said that he hasn't been in 6 years- and as the conversation progressed I testified of our Father in Heaven's love for him and that God sent us there that day to talk to him. He then said that he was just inside his apartment watching tv when a commercial came on and he felt that he needed to come outside. He said he had no idea why he came outside and then he held up his arm and said, "Look, I have goosebumps!" We testified again and told him that was the Spirit. We have an appointment with him later on this week!
I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost that is preparing these people, and leading us to them! It is amazing how many miracles happen everyday: especially as Sister C and I make a point to look for them.
We had interviews earlier this week, and I was also able to see Sister R! Love that lady to death! She is a hoot and a half, and I am so glad she is in my zone still! Interviews went well, I am so grateful for President and Sister A's love. They are so supportive as I am training again, in a brand new area. But things are going really well here.
I was sad to hear about Sister Monson, we didn't hear about it until church Sunday.

I love you all! xoxoxo
Sister P.

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