Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1, 2013

Hello hello! Happy April Fools Day and Happy Easter! I cannot believe it is already April!

I didn't know they were putting a sidewalk in front of the house! Is it cutting into our lawn?
Also Kate and Jordan I got all your blog pictures! Very fun (but might make this email short since I soaked up the time looking at them!)

So we've had a really good week here, other than the fact that I got sick this weekend with a head cold. Sister R had it last weekend, and so nicely shared it with me. Isn't it great to have such giving companions?! :)

But we have a baptism set for the week of the 13th, but he would like to have it this weekend, but it is General Conference (who else is so excited!?!)! He is 16 and just got approval from his mom, so it is very exciting! Member referrals really do make up so much of a difference! We are also teaching a lot of "older" investigators. They make me really miss my grandparents, and their stories are so great, it makes me want to sit down and talk more with my family!!

Well I honestly don't know what else to say! Yep, major party pooper this week! I'll try and remember my funny stories for this upcoming week! I love you all! This Church is True, and how grateful I am for the knowledge that Christ lives again! That He completed His mission, and so can we! (some of us more literally as I am on a "mission")  But I love you! xoxoxo Sister P!

Here are my easter fun pictures: a member has a trained indoor bunny. Like a cat!! and my easter egg (yes we colored them!) TLM: Texas Lubbock Mission! (don't mind me I'm in my pj's)! xoxox

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