Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25, 2013

Well this week was transfers and I am staying here with Sister R! I guess there are about 25 new missionaries coming in (the largest amount of incoming yet! -remember how I only came in with 4!) But still there are only 2 new sisters. We haven't got that inflow yet. But Sister R and I are excited to stay. She is a good egg, and I think God knows that right now I need a little stability. But we are excited, we will have our halfway marks together, plus my birthday and April fools! 

We also had a good week this past week with THREE investigators at church yesterday. This is a first for me here in Lubbock. I try really hard not to compare it to New Mexico, but it is definitely a different pace around here. But we are working on getting the work moving around here.

Sister R has been sick with a cold the last two days, and that always causes some restlessness, and homesickness for me. But as Sister Augustin told me yesterday, "If there wasn't opposition, if this work was easy, then where would be the chance to stretch and grow?" God is refining each one of us in each situation He places before us. Sometimes I wonder if I'm here on the mission to help my investigators grow, or if I am here to help myself to grow. I know it's both. Heavenly Father just loves us and sees the whole picture. That is where faith comes in. 

I love you all! Hope you have a lovely week, and Happy Easter! 

Love Sister P.


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