Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4, 2013

Hello Family!!

We have been fasting here a lot for new investigators. Currently we only have really 2 that look like they will progress. The work here is so different from New Mexico. We would have about 15-20 lessons taught each week, and here we barely made it to 10 this past week! It is slow moving, but I know the impression of comfort I felt when I first heard the transfer call, and I have to hold onto that. I had a tender mercy at church on Sunday. The Hancocks from the ward in New Mexico were here for a baby blessing. I really really love them, and their daughter will only wave goodbye or hello to me! I told them I would come see them in about a year, and they said I have to! Love them, love that! 

We had interviews with President this past Wednesday. I was very honored by the confidence and trust he said he has in me. He said he knows I am here for a reason, and though I am feeling like a fish out of water here. I also told him about the upcoming wedding and he was so sweet about it and prayed for my comfort at this time. He also said how blessed I will be and the family will be for my service, He is a good man. :)

I had a hard weekend just because it is hard being in a place that i don't yet love when where I really want to be is home when all this is going on. But God will provide. 

Well after the snow storm of the century here last Monday in only seven days, meaning today, it is warm and beautiful and I don't even need a cardigan or anything! Weird weather! But it is nice today! We have been walking to our appointments almost everyday to try and meet new people. Even if we have to drive across town we park a few blocks away so we can be out and about. It has been really nice and Sister R and I have a good time.

So I still love Sister R. And I figured out who she reminds me of this past week! You know the TV show Reba. Well my companion is like Barbara Jean! Like facial expressions and everything! It is too funny! One day you will meet her and see! So so SO great! There is never a dull moment with her around, and we act like regular blood sisters, and tease and love each other. And since I'm a red head I'm Reba and it works out perfectly haha! She is a goodie! It's like Grandma Peterson emailed me last week and said, "I hope you get along like two old cronies!" Well Grandma your and my wish came true! 

I love being a missionary! This work is true! And I love it! (now if we could only find people to teach it to :) ) Love ya!
-Sister Peterson

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