Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 26, 2013

Hello! I guess I'm a day late, but not a dollar short!... :)

What a crazy first week in Lubbock this has been! We had a "snow storm" come in Sunday night, and since the roads were slick, and people in Texas don't know how to drive in snow they kept our cars parked all day. Therefore I am writing today! (Really the snow wasn't anything compared to Utah or Rexburg, but they closed down Texas Tech for it too!! Crazy life!)  And that's where I am today! On campus writing you. (Campus here is like 10 times bigger than ENMU in Portales! So funny!)  But we had quite the adventure and companion bonding yesterday. I absolutely love Sister R. She is from Sandy and is super quirky and fun! This is going to be a good transfer. So anyhow yesterday we decided that since we were stuck inside that we would order a pizza from Pizza Hut. Well we called at 12:15, and about an hour later we called back and they said that it would be there in 15-20 minutes. Well after calling back every hour after that and hearing the same reply I called at 4 and they handed the phone to the manager who then says that it appears that we never even made an order!!! I was pretty upset at this point because, well, I was STARVING!  And so she was not helpful at all, and directed us to another pizza hut and they said that they were so confused as to why that other pizza hut would even say that our pizza was coming! When all was said and done we ordered a new pizza from Dominos and we were laughing because Sister R is just hilarious about it all, and it was so very ridiculous! 

But I did write 12 letters yesterday! Crazy life!

Well I left New Mexico with a pending baptism on this past Saturday and walked into here with another baptism! And both the investigators here and there got baptized! Hooray! I still miss New Mexico a lot alot.  Remember how we would have like 7 people at church each week. Well, things are not quite as majestic here. We don't have as large as teaching pool, and we had not one investigator at church on Sunday. I think this area is going to be a big growing experience for me. But I'll go where you want me to go dear Lord. :)

But the ward is quite amazing here! They are so missionary minded and have like 15 ward missionaries, and with visiting and home teaching they are now going to keep track of all non- member friends they have in their homes each month! The ward mission leader took care of everything at the baptism- which was so crazy to me because of the small ward/town and everything we had to do ourselves in New Mexico! It is like day and night! But it is also a stark contrast in teaching here too. New Mexico people are just very laid back, and here it is different, and harder to get people to talk to us. But it will be good. I'm excited to get used to it here.

Also mom, I think meeting up with non-member family is totally acceptable. Give me their info and I'll get a hold of them!!
Um with wedding stuff, I expect so many pictures that everyone gets plum sick of it. I want it to be like I was there I can imagine it so well. And when is Cam going through the temple.

Oh and Dad we did not hear about all those areas opening up! Anything crazy like China or anything! I wonder if with more missionaries coming here they will divide ours one day too.
I think that's all. My heart was broken yesterday when I couldn't email y'all and now I feel like I ran out of things to say! I hate that! Well until next week! I love you all! Kiss kiss!

love amanda

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