Monday, February 11, 2013

February 11, 2013

Hello from W I N D Y Portales. We almost blew away on Friday. OK, not really, but it is always an adventure in a skirt!! 

I have a new beauty tip, especially as everyone is getting ready for the wedding! So I was commenting on a member's beautiful eye lashes and she told me that she was looking on pintrest and it said that if you put Vaseline on your eye lashes every night before bed your eye lashes will be more full and long. She said it is because our eye lashes get so dry from mascara and because they are always out in the sun. So I have been trying it, and after about 4 days I saw a difference!!! So I'm a believer and have been putting vaseline on my eye lashes every night and am super pleased with the results. :) 

MOM: President emailed us this week and said that on blogs we shouldn't put people's names or "personal" stories, because they have been getting back to people and "ruining trust".  I'm pretty sure none of my investigator would even bat an eye about it all, but from now on I guess names need to be changed, or I guess stories need to be left out.... :(

Transfer calls are on Saturday so I will find out what the plan is! I have a feeling it is my time to go, but we will see.... And if I do get transferred cross your fingers that it is to a bigger city! I would love to do some actual shopping! I know I'm really sick of my wardrobe when I start dreaming of clothes shopping!! I had a dream that a Downeast came to town and I was jumping for joy! :)

So update on C. We send out inspirational scriptures or quotes sometimes to our investigators. Well as I was getting one together for one investigator I felt like I should include C in the text. Well, God works in mysterious ways and he texted back and said that he was glad we had sent the text because after like a whole 2 transfers he has decided he wants to meet with missionaries again!!! YAYAY!! 

God is directing His work out here, and throughout each day we are able to see His hand leading and guiding us to the people He is preparing! We had this week some neighbors of a member give US a call to have US come teach THEM!  How often does it happen that random people out of the blue call the missionaries to come over?! And then have a most wonderful lesson, and they tell us they know THIS GOSPEL is what their family is missing! Love this work! 

Happy Valentines week this week to everyone! I love you all lots! Xoxoxooxoxoooxo! Love your missionary Amanda!

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