Monday, February 4, 2013

February 4, 2013


Hello Family!

Dear Braden: I tried sending you a birthday card this past week and I didn't put enough postage on it, so they sent it back to me and so today I put it in the mail again. So it is coming little birthday boy! Sister N loves Batman and she was super impressed when I showed her those pictures from that party! She wanted that Batman cake! Yep, my family is cool! xoxox

Well we had a baptism this week! Saturday W was baptized and it was a wonderful baptism. The Spirit was there, as well as lots of family so it was very very nice! We made him cupcakes while the font was filling, because when he quit smoking we made him cupcakes to celebrate! So, of course, he needed cupcakes at his baptism too! The only hitch of the night was when he was being baptized he hit his head on the way down! As soon as they started Sister N turns to me and says "he's gonna hit his head!" And then she covered her eyes! And sure enough he did!!! But afterwords we asked him how his head was and he said he didn't even feel it! That's the Spirit protecting him!! Oh and I forgot our other drama! Our church building is being repainted (even that pokie carpet stuff on the walls) and when we showed up to fill up the font, the font was all taped off!!! We had got there just in time; they were about to paint the font!! What a disaster that would have been!

And onto other news: we had bike day Thursday (and I bought a basket this past p-day, so now I have this lovely basket so I don't have to have a sweaty/heavy backpack on my back!!! yay!) And we road like the 2 miles to the college to go contacting, and on our way a member drove past and wanted to talk to us. So for the time all of that took (a total of about 2ish hours) we came home for lunch and I WAS SUNBURNED! My nose and cheeks were red! Not sunburned enough to hurt, but my freckles came out and I was shocked! It is January people!! January! And I have to start wearing sunscreen! Welcome to New Mexico!

I saw all the pictures of the house, and it looks SO BEAUTIFUL! I teared up a little bit when I looked at the living room and the picture collection on the wall. To see pictures of everyone, made me miss you all! I think the realness of the wedding has finally hit me, and it makes me really really wish I could be there. :( But I know the Lord will provide and will help me as I face this hurtle. I don't understand why things have to happen the way they do, but I have faith that in the end it will all be as it should. I love you guys!

Hey mom, or anyone. We have a member family here who are planning on moving to go to school in Provo in the fall. They have 2 kids and are looking for a place to live. She asked me if I knew of anywhere and I told her I would ask you all to keep your eyes out. They are awesome and I love them :)

Also we get transfer calls on the 16th. :/ that will be interesting.

I'm attaching pictures of bunnies! Love you all! xoxoxo
-your missionary

                                                                         Sister O

                                                                           Sister G

From last sunday visiting a less active. He wanted to show us his goats. Sister N almost touched one and when I tried they all ran away and a dog began to jump on me. This is classic missionary: Dogs, babies, and boyfriends. The three biggest trouble causers when we are feeling the Spirit. I have been thrown up on, had things thrown at my head (a pen, a sippy cup, and a pencil) and boyfriends never want their girlfriends to progress!! gah! :) 

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