Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28, 2013


I have an amazing story to tell you all! It is a miracle and seriously faith building! :) Once upon a time I left the GPS in the car overnight when it got really really cold outside. So the next day we had to use the GPS to get to Roswell, my GPS would not turn on. So we luckily used the other sister's GPS, and actually I have been to Roswell enough and there is nothing in between that we actually didn't really need one, but it turned out fine. So this was about 2 weeks ago, and my GPS has not turned on since then. Periodically I would charge it, and try and turn in on with no results. Until yesterday: we planned to go see a less active who lives about 10 minutes in the country from town. We got the GPS and I plugged it in an said a prayer out loud that this would work, because we would never find that house without it. As I pressed the power button: IT TURNED ON! I dropped it, it surprised me that much!! We had also just taught a lesson to a college kid who said he has never had an answer to his prayers! And then this happens! Mission Miracle, people! :) God hears our prayers and answers them even when they are about the simplest things!

Dawn: I got your letter from the girls. My favorite. Those girls are so sillly, but I can say I think their artistic skills are getting better.

Today we have an adventure before us: one of the members in the ward raises bunnies for shows, and has like over 100 bunnies! So we are going to go HOLD THEM!  Very excited. And yes, this is what we do for fun in this small town.

What we did this past week for service is painted one of our investigator's home. G was a referral from another investigator, and is awesome! She would be baptized tomorrow, but has still not yet come to church. She works every Sunday and is the sole provider for her 3 kids, since her husband is not helping out. So we keep praying for something to change, but as of yet this is still the way things are. But she moved into this new home and we helped find her some paint and we went to town. We had a few ward members come help, and it looks so SO much better than before with smoke stained walls and such. So I'll be sending pictures.

Oh our other adventure was that after we were done painting, Sister N and I decided to treat ourselves and go to Sonic for dinner. Well, while at Sonic, I turned off the car while waiting for our order, and the car DIED! It had only been less than 10 minutes, but that was it! So after calling around, W, our investigator who is being baptized Saturday and whose lesson we were headed to after Sonic, came to the rescue. Come to find out the battery was completely dead, like never to live again, and so he called the tow truck, which is owned by a member, and when he came he brought a battery that we switched out and borrowed until we took it to the shop during the day and got a new battery. Oh the adventures of being a missionary! It is always situations like these that make me really miss not being able to call up my own dad to help! But it all worked out and things are fine. I am grateful for Sister N who helps when I freak out in times like that!

I think that's about all! I can't wait to see all the pictures of the house so I can imagine what's going on! I love you all lots! Happy February! 
Love, Sister P.

Oh PS: A and E are officially engaged. But now they are thinking they are not getting married ASAP, and so now they are thinking A will move out so they can still be baptized! Oh the crazy life we lead here! Love you!

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