Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013


Man how crazy is that snow for ya'll!! We had snow Thursday but it melts by noon. But the wind always blows, and even this past week when it doesn't the cold chills to the bone!

Sister N N is wonderful! She is from Bluffdale, Utah. So really close to home! She has been out for 16 months today! She goes home April 3rd! She is super fun and I love love love her! She works really hard also, and I am learning so much! She is a country girl, and loves the outdoors. And she is awesome at Volleyball, which reminds me of Kara, but in personality she actually reminds me of Cassi! She is so fun loving, and loves everyone, and I have loved having her here since she has mission experience and picks up on our investigators and all that I have been filling her in on! It is awesome!

Yes we still live in our same cute house. I had to rearrange it since I have been there so long, to try and liven things up! 

We had a awesome week this week working here in Portales. God is opening the hearts of man. We have about 6 people we are praying will enter the waters of baptism this transfer. The miracle of the week was that E and A who have been planning on getting married in about June, and when we talked to them about chastity and living separately they said they wouldn't even pray about it because it is just "not an option!" Well after feeling the Spirit so strong at S's baptism THEY DECIDED TO GET MARRIED ASAP! Like he just has to propose and they are going to do a small civil ceremony so they can get baptized ASAP! This is like the happiest news ever to me, because I have grown so close to these two people. I love them and am so excited for this for them! Plus in one year from now I'll be able to go through the temple with them, either at the tale end of my mission, or I'll just come right back for them! How amazing the Spirit is!

I was reading today a talk and know that it is the time for new years resolutions and read "Remember Lot's Wife" by Elder Holland from a 2009 byu devotional. I highly suggest it for everyone!

And for everyone this new year of 2013: I won't be able to see y'all or hug and kiss you, but I love you all and remember "You're future is as bright as your faith!" Hold to the gospel and we will all have a beautiful year! 

Lots of love,
Your favorite missionary.

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