Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December 24, 2012

BEST NEWS FROM THIS WEEK: we got back in contact (finally) with S! Last Monday I saw her at Walmart, but wasn't able to talk to her (OHHH crazy updates from this week. Our car died in the Walmart parking lot because we were up there shopping with the sisters so we could get our comp's present. It was horrid because all the drama with trying to get someone to jump it. One elder made me cry, but he apologized later so we're good. Then on Wed the wind was blowing so bad here, actually across our whole mission that we all were told to stay inside!! It was like the dust bowl, we could hardly see our neighbor's houses! The dust that came through our windows was crazy, no fun! This place sure is different than back home!) OK so back to Sara. I saw her at Walmart, but with all the crazy car crap I didn't do anything about it. So then I was praying that night and felt prompted to text her even though I felt like a creep being like "oh I saw you but didn't say anything to you... yes I am a stalker!!" No I didn't say that, but anyhow we ended up texting and she came to a baptism on Friday with us!! (by the way it was Jack, one of my old investigators who got baptized. He had been waiting 6 months for approval from the first presidency and it's a Christmas Miracle!!! He was baptized!!) So she then told us on Sunday that she still wants to be baptized and that her MOM NOW WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED TOO! That S went home after the baptism and told her mom about it and how she can't be baptized because she moved in with some of her brother's friends, and her mom was shocked that co-habitation was a reason she had to wait, and said that she was hoping it would be soon because she wanted to be baptized with S! Mind you she has never been to church, but she has been reading the Book of Mormon on her own after we gave it to her. That was the one lesson we had with her, and we shared the first vision, and the spirit was the strongest I've ever felt it when I shared that, and she just said, "oh that's a nice story" but she did say she would take a book of Mormon and now she has been reading it!!! YAY!!!

So one funny story from this week:
We went and met with a less active member and her husband who is not a member. We just knocked on their door Saturday. Well he has very strong scientific beliefs, so his wife always tries to change the subject every time we were trying to ask him about what he believes. He makes her upset, because he gets on his soap-box, and finally at one point she said, I call him an alien, like from Men in Black because his views are so out there. So then I turn to him and do the "live long and prosper" hand sign from Star Trek, and said "Oh, an alien."  He did the hand sign back and laughed (mind you he is like 60) and then he turned back to me and said "You've got a good personality!" Hahahaha! I don't know why, but apparently most missionaries are dull. This is the second investigator to tell me that I am like weird. Ashley said that a few weeks ago. "I bet your family is weird, Sister Peterson, and you probably all make chipmunk noises!" (why chipmunk I have no idea!) But I love it! That made me feel so happy, because we are awesome! Remember Mitch being the car in the kitchen when I needed to learn how to fill up the car with gas? I am unique and I love it, and I love that people can connect and relate with me!! So happy! I like that I am goofy, and that my family and friends are too! Love you all!

Merry Christmas!! See you tomorrow!! xoxoxox
Sister P.

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