Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7, 2013

HELLO!!! I guess I read my mission call wrong, because what it should have said is PORTALES, NEW MEXICO!! Yessirreeee! I'm staying here for ANOTHER transfer! But thankfully, to mix things up for me I am getting a new companion tomorrow, Sister N who is currently in San Angelo. That's all I know about her. I did hear from another missionary that she is fun, but that's it! Oh the anticipation! I am very VERY excited and just pray that we can be friends. So we'll drive into Lubbock tomorrow and I'll pick her up. I will be the Junior companion, and am very excited to not train. Sister S is going to Monahans and her companion will be Sister C, who trained my MTC comp when we first came in. Crazy connection! So life is crazy here, packing and getting pictures with investigators but life is good!

And happy day! Friday S was baptized! She told us she would not be living with her brother and his friend anymore, and I hope she sticks by that, so she was baptized.  dad. And President Torres baptized her. S heard him bear his testimony and wanted him to baptize her. So she was baptized Friday night and it was very very very nice! Our issue that day was that the water heater wasn't working on the font so we boiled water. :/ it was a mess. But in the end it didn't matter. And yes it is now fixed! 

Also if Cami wants to tell all her friends who just got their calls they can write me, I have quite a few tips for them if they want. I would have loved that help and counsel before I went out. :)

And I know this is all crazy and random. But that's my brain this week! I love you and miss you all!

love me

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