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December 31, 2012

Holy Canoli! My six month mark is THIS WEEK!!! Crazy day right?

Also we find out what is going on with transfers on Saturday night!! I thought before I might be stayinghere but really anything could happen! Just make sure to tell people on the blog to send any letters the end of this week to my mission home address, because I'll be moving Tuesday next week if I transfer.

Man has a lot happened since we talked on Christmas. And oh how nice that was to SEE everyone! It was kinda crazy and loud but that is our family and that's how I like it! It also was just so good because though I feel like I am so out of the loop, and like everything is passing me by, when we all where there it felt like no time had passed, and it showed me that I still do fit in. That everyone and everything is just the same. Yes, the babies are bigger, and hair colors change, and we have an addition to the family, but I am still a part of it, and we all still laugh about the same things, and everyone is basically the same! I love you all!

The next event to update you on is that after talking to you I felt a headache coming on. We ran a few more errands and then went home and I was feeling nauseous. So after trying to lay low I stood up and THREW UP! Merry Christmas to me!!! NOT! I wondered if it was a homesick sickness, but since it was so physical, everytime I moved I felt gross, I knew it wasn't mental. I think I was probably sick all day but so excited to talk to y'all that it didn't set in until after the call was over! Luckily when I woke up the next morning I felt tons better, still pretty weak, but not like I was. I had been as white as a ghost Christmas night because I was so sick! Really I feel like I have caught every sickness that is going around this year! No fun! One of the Elders who gave me a blessing asked if I would have rather not been sick and not talked to you, or been sick and talked to you. I said I would have rather been sick and a hundred times sicker to have been able to skype, that was so awesome!!!

But the most exciting news of all is that S IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON FRIDAY!!!!!! Remember how I contacted her after Walmart, well yesterday when she was at church sitting by me in Sacrament, President Torres bore his testimony since there was extra time. So she turned to me and said, "I think I want him to baptize me." She had met him once before and loved his testimony. And the last time we were preparing her for baptism I told her she would need to think about who she wants to baptize her. So I said he would be a great choice, and she asked me if I would go up with her to ask him. So after he said he would be honored he asked her when and she said the 4th or the 12th!!! Had we talked about this at all?! NO! Completely out of the blue!!! Last we talked she said she was going to wait and do all the lessons with her mom so they could be baptized together!!! So before I know it this has all gotten away from me and they decide Friday at 6 and I am saying "wait you are living with a guy- cohabitation- you can't be baptized yet!" And she said she'll move home then!! So yep, baptism this Friday! I am so so excited for her! And how exciting the last week of the transfer! God works in mysterious ways, but He is so so mindful of each one of us! He laid every single puzzle piece out, and at the time I had no idea how it would all come together and here we stand with the full picture in view! It is amazing, this work is amazing, and God will bring to pass His ways in His time! This gospel is True!!!! :)

Funny story for this week:
The Christensens who let us use their computer to skype with, have a son on a mission. They have a daughter here, who is a senior. Well, she decided that she wants me as a sister-in-law, and has now told all of her seminary class here that I am going to marry her brother. At the beginning of December she told me to move to Virginia when I get home since that is where he is going to school. This was before I knew she had told people. So then these past few weeks the girls in her seminary class brought up how I am marrying him, and the Seminary teacher: Sister U (she is in a part member family, we are teaching her husband: we love their family!) Well she has now started calling me Sister Peterson-Christensen!!!! Then yesterday at church all the YSA's are asking me about it too!!! So now that's the new joke. Sister Peterson-Christensen. Wowzer right?!!! I guess it is a compliment if they like me enough to want me to marry into their family right? I'm just trying to make light of it, because really kids? REALLY?!

Never a dull day here.

Love- Your missionary!

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