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February 18, 2012


And Happy Valentines Day family! MAMA: thank you so much for the flowers! Such a wonderful surprise! I was just telling Sister N the day before that I am a cheesy girl and love flowers and then the next day you get us some!! Yay! They sit on our desks and we love them!

And as some of you have already know: I'M BEING TRANSFERRED!!  It is the ward surrounding the temple and I am very excited to be able to see the temple regularly! Yay! I felt like I was going to be transferred so that was not a surprise, and I feel in a lot of ways the way that I felt when I left for my mission. That I am so sad to go, and leave all these people I love, but that I know that it is right, and so it makes it so much easier. I haven't cried (yet), I haven't said goodbye to a few people yet (including S, and A and E), and so I'm wearing my waterproof mascara. :) But I feel good about the work I did here, and know that one day I will be back, which makes it so much easier. It's not goodbye, it's see you later! And so I'm ready and off to a new adventure in Lubbock. We leave here Wednesday.

OH, my new companion is going to be Sister R. She was trained by Sister N, and came out a transfer after I did. She is from Sandy, and I have only heard good things. I am very excited to serve with her she sounds like a lot of fun! :)

Last week did I tell you we were going to see the snake that eats the bunnies that we held that one week. It is a diamond back rattle snake and lives on campus. It has a huge long rattle, and the snake right next to it was also a rattle (a smaller different snake though) and it was very jumpy and rattled the whole time we were there. I guess that sometimes it strikes at the glass too, it is so jumpy! But the museum lady was talking to us about the snakes and pulled out the king snake (non poisonous). It is a constrictor snake and wrapped all along her arm! So crazy! I was very brave and even touched it! (far away from it's head of course) and it was very soft which was so weird! Yuck! But it was a fun adventure anyway!

We have a baptism coming up here on Saturday. I will be missing it but I am so excited for her. C is dating a member and is from California, but has lots of member friends! We had told her that specific prayers get specific answers so we told her to pray about Feb 23rd for her baptism, because up till this point she had just been praying for when. So then early on this past week she got in her car and a new song by Rascal Flatts called Changed came on. And it's about baptism: and she knew the 23rd was the right day! Yay!! She is adorable, and we will keep in contact, and it is just important that she is getting baptized. Not who is there, so I'm glad that she is so awesome! We had a stress moment with the baptismal font, they have been repainting our whole building and we got a call Friday saying they just redid the font, and that it wouldn't be able to be used till MONDAY!! We had a freak out, because this was all a issue when Will was being baptized 3 weeks ago, and then they still hadn't done it and now it was messing up our plans! And C had received and answer that the 23rd was the right day!! So we called around and found out that we are actually ok to have it Saturday! Oh the craziness though and what an answer to prayers!

Oh we had the most interesting stake conference yesterday. It was a regional one, so all of Oklahoma, Texas, and NM, got the same broadcast from Salt Lake. President Eyring and Elder Scott talked and it was very nice. It reminded me a lot of general conference. I guess they do that in these other states every few years. Who knew! Not me. :)

I honestly feel like I know more about this town than I do Pleasant Grove: living, breathing, and eating for six months, only these streets and people. (no i don't eat people, but I'm pretty sure I've had food from every restaurant here: it's not hard, there's only like 10!) So I'm really gonna miss it, and miss that I know how to get everywhere without a map. But this gospel, is not a gospel of comfort. We are here on earth to learn, stretch, and grow. So here I go!

I feel like I have so much more to say, and I'm sure next week's email will be huge, but times up and I don't have any stories that I can think of. So I love you all, and will send you my address as soon as I know it. Will you be sure to let the blog people know I am transferred! :) Love you all lots and miss you much!
xoxoxoxo Sister P.

pictures: diamond back, then other rattler, and sister oswald too

                                                                         Diamond back 

                                                                         Other rattler

                                                                     with Sister O.

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