Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013


I have OH so much to inform you on! I feel like the weeks go in roller coaster waves, and things week is overflowing! First off why I am so late at emailing today:

We had quite the eventful day yesterday! Not only was it lovely General Conference, but then Sister R had her accident. She had been fasting that day, but at five after Conference we took our dinner break and she ended her fast. Well after that we went out and went contacting, and then at about seven or seven thirty we went to go try a less active family we are working with. While we were there, they were just about done with making their dinner so we were about to leave. We had been talking to them outside in their little courtyard by their front door. They have a little brick wall/gate thing and while we had been talking Sister R went over and was leaning on it. (come to find out she wasn't feeling well, but knew we were about to leave anyway) So we are saying our goodbyes and next thing we know Sister R is on the ground!! We ran over to her and she woke up saying she felt like she was about to faint and I told her she just had! She scared me half to death!!!! She was as white as a ghost! I was worried she had a seizure or something!! The people we were visiting had her come sit inside their house and made her drink two glasses of ice water. Sister R said she thought that maybe that was the reason but afterwords remembered she had had lots of water that day! I then brought her straight home and her knee and ankle have been hurting her ever since! She fell right on top of her legs and I think twisted them pretty bad! It is the weirdest thing, and still scares me! I like to know the reason why behind everything and we aren't really sure so it is sketchy! We have talked to Sister A and they think it had to do with her fasting.. but I'm not convinced. It was so so weird! She is currently on crutches, but can't straighten her knee and her ankle hurts too. It has been quite eventful past 24 hours! 

I swear I have never realized how hard Satan works to make people believe that our church is a cult! This past week we knocked into a lady who said that she "knows all about our church" and she told us that when the temple was built like 10 years ago there was an article in the paper that said that after a couple is married they go to a special room where a witness watches them consummate their marriage! No wonder people think we are crazy! I would too!! But she didn't want to hear what we had to say. She was pretty sure we didn't know what was going on, and that we were brainwashed, and awesome Sister R bore powerful testimony of the gospel, but the lady still just asked us to reconsider. Goodness! But we know that God is preparing the ears to hear His word!  

Like J!! He is getting baptized Saturday! He is so excited and has been waiting years for his mom's approval! We held a fast this past Wednesday and before noon his mom had told him that she changed her mind and he can be baptized! What a miracle! It was seriously soo cool! 

General Conference was great! We watched it at the church, but went out and did work between and after. I loved that talk all about how serving the Lord helps our families grow closer to God and I know that we are all being blessed during this time! Happy Half Way mark everyone! 

I love you all lots! Love you all! xoxoxo 
love your missionary! 

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