Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22, 2013

Hello Family!

I can honestly say this week went by quickly! I am already here emailing you again! And holy moly! Our birthday is tomorrow! How time flies! Happy Birthday Papa! This is the first birthday in the past 23 years that you will be spending on your own. No sharing! Imagine that! And Happy Birthday to the 8 year old boy this week! Tan the Man I am so excited for you! I wish I could be at your baptism, but I'll be there in spirit! Love you both!

Kate- I did get your can! Thank you! I'm excited! 

This week was a good one, we did a lot of knocking but have come across two different gentlemen who are like the scriptures say, "seeking for truth but know not where to find it." One of them was Church of Christ but felt like it wasn't right, and converted to be a Catholic looking for the authority.... sounds like something we can help him with! :) And the other man says he is just a Christian because he doesn't believe there is one true church out there. He said his hobby is to study up on the historical proof of the bible. We explained the Book of Mormon to him and how it is written by the ancestors of the Native Americans. He was very intrigued by that. I keep praying for them, that Satan will not confuse them, and that they will feel the Spirit as they look more into the things we taught them. We only saw them each once, and are planning on following up with them this week. We shall see. 

Also we had exchanges this past Tuesday to Wednesday. I went with Sister T in the Regal Park ward. In their area they literally knock for like 6 hours a day! We went out and amazingly only were able to to get like 5 doors knocked because each one the people were interested in talking to us! It was a really good experience, and I learned so much from Sister T! She is a really amazing person and missionary! It was also really nice to see how other missionaries work, and to be able to see my own rough edges and how I can also improve. It was a great learning experience and I'm so glad we had that opportunity. 

I thought weather in Utah was crazy but it's official: even on the weather channel (as everyone here informed us!) Lubbock is voted worst weather in America! On Wednesday I was wearing sunscreen and dying of heat and then Thursday I was wearing boots and tights and a coat because it was so cold! Lubbock is really growing on me though! I am happy here!

Oh fun! Sister L is out here because one of her investigators went through the temple for the first time on Saturday! She was at church yesterday and she wants to go out with us for a birthday lunch today! It is so good to see her! I miss her and love her! How crazy it is that she is not a missionary anymore! 

Anyhow! By next Monday I'll be one year older and wiser? too! Man how the years fly! I was talking to Sister R the other day about ages and some of these people we teach and she was like, "man that is so old!" and I turned to her and told her that is only six years older than her and she got this shocked look on her face and she said, "I thought I was still 19!!!" She honestly did, and we still laugh about it! Poor thing! Too funny!  

I love you all and thank you for your support and prayers! This is the Lord's work and His glory and we are just workers in His vineyard! How good He is to us! 

Love you!
xoxox Sister P.

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