Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July 25, 2012

Since I didn't get a p-day this week (here they are on Mondays), Sister L (my companion- from California) said while she emails the President that I could send you a quick hello! I am currently serving in New Mexico. This is training so I'll for sure be here with Sister L for 12 weeks. She is awesome and so fun by the way!! We have the south part of the ward with Elders in the north. We have a whole bunch of appointments set up for today and I'm way excited! I'm so happy to finally be here and unpacked!! So I love you all!
Also I had two amazing people sit next to me on the planes. The first one was a member from Spanish Fork, Sister  B and at the end of our flight she gave me SIXTY dollars to buy the 4 of us traveling lunch!! Soo sweet of her!! Then the hour flight I sat next to a religious man from Lubbock and he had the most amazing faith and story and cried and I loved it! And he said he would stop by our church on Sunday and I got his address and he said he wants me to stop by and meet his wife and we can talk about our beliefs. I told him at that point that I didn't know where I would be stationed but in the next 18 months I would come see him, so pray I get transfered to Lubbock! Sister A met him and talked to him after the plane and asked if any missionary could come stop by and he said only me. Haha. So really I'm crossing my fingers and hoping I get to go there!! He had so much of the truth and just needs us to come teach him the rest!
President and Sister A are awesome. Really the sweetest people ever, and they just want to love us and do what's best for us. Seriously I am so blessed! They really are the best! He is so inspired and has the coolest stories working with the 12 Apostles and Prophet.
I saw the Lubbock Temple. The babiest one ever! One session at a time with only 40 people in it! Crazy! I hope I get to go at least once while I'm here! (again pray I get transfered to Lubbock! haha)
Love ya'll!!

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