Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August 20, 2012


In front of the Lubbock Temple

My events for the week:

We had Zone Conference in Lubbock this past Thursday with Elder Paul V. Johnson. It was amazing, and I'm not going to lie I had been pretty discouraged and homesick for about a week leading up to zone conference. But the Spirit there, and the encouragement was amazing and I have a new drive. Missionary work is just really hard, and all of our appointments this week cancelled on us. All of them except 2, seriously all week. So the beginning of the week I was just not happy, but after Zone Conference even when things don't go the way I expect, it is all about trusting God's plan. And so I have a new zeal and outlook, and I'm so happy that my attitude is better.
We also had some excitement this week. Sister L has health issues, and on Wed we went to the Doctors and they ordered a CT on her for Friday. Not going to lie, I loved being back in the hospital. It just feels a bit like home. :) Today we find out the results. She really has not been doing well, and President called yesterday and said there is a chance that we will be moved. . I feel like I still have a lot of work to do here. We just got a new ward mission leader yesterday and met with him last night and I am so excited for all the plans we have for this ward!
So I'll only have the picture from Zone conference by the temple to attach, and since my other card with all the pictures is retarded, I am sending it home. I was able to upload the pictures when I was home with it, but the computers here at the library hate this card, so I'll just send it in a package home, and you can upload the pictures.  I love you all lots!
-Sister P.

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