Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August 27, 2012

Hello Everyone!
I am going to type as fast as I can because I have quite the stories to tell you!
Last Saturday we got a call from our apartment Maintenance man. After he fixed our sink about a month ago, we set up an appointment, but it was really awkward, and all he wanted to do was bash. So we didn't try to teach him again. Then about a week or so ago he came and fixed another part of our bathroom, and asked us if we could date as missionaries, and we explained our call. So on Saturday we missed a call from him while we were in a lesson. When we got in the car I handed the phone to Sister L and said "Your turn." When he answered he told her he was lonely and wanted to hang out with us. She explained to him our purpose as missionaries, and he then told her that our church was wrong because we have been commanded to multiply and replenish the earth, and he asked her if she would ever be interested in him (mind you he is like in his 30's and has a 10 year old child, and is yuck). So she told him no, and then he continued to bash the church and told her that we are wrong for being missionaries, and wouldn't let her cut the conversation off, so she then hung up on him. We then called our District Leader who told us to call President. It wouldn't have been THAT big of a deal, but this man has a key to our apartment!! So President told us he did not want us staying in the apartment and wanted us at a hotel. So we had to pack up stuff and go find a hotel. We then had to wait to find out what President decided for us. Everything was up in the air. He told us Sunday that he wanted to wait till Monday when Sister L ct results (she was in a car accident and has back problems and weak kidneys, then recently has had debilitating abdominal pains) came back to tell us where he was going to move us since we couldn't live in that apartment anymore. So we stayed in the hotel Sunday night too. Then on Monday when the results came back that everything was fine (basically stupid results, because she isn't fine... anyhow) President decided to move us to another town 20 minutes south. One of his councilors, President T, lives there and they have NEVER had sisters in that ward before.Crazy right?!

It has been really hard, because last Sunday we got a new Ward Mission Leader and we met with him, and he is really going to change things. We were SO excited to work with him!! And after I emailed you about doing laundry a lady in the ward called and said she wanted us to do laundry at her house for free!! But I do know that if Heavenly Father wanted us there this would not have happened. It all happens for a reason, and not going to lie, none of our investigators were progressing. Out of all of our lessons two weeks ago, only 2 out of them didn't cancel on us. We just have a hard time with people there making commitments. So I think that Heavenly Father had us do what we were supposed to, and then move on. We changed the area book a ton and updated that, and then we also showed/trained the Ward Misson Leader into what is ideal. Seriously we had a two hour training/meeting with him Sunday night, and Monday night we got the news we were leaving. So sad. 

This area is a lot greener and more established than our other area was. We had the south side (the ghetto, literally). People would always tell us to be careful, and most of the people were on parole. Yep crazy. But this is a college town, and so we will be able to work with more singles, (no singles ward though) and there are alot more trees and GRASS!! We ate at a members house this past week and she told us that she told her husband if they were moving to NM that she had to have grass. And have grass she did! He babies it for her, but she said she doesn't have to water it more than anyone else, but that they have to get stickers and stuff out. She told us to take off our shoes and walk in it, and I was more than happy to! I miss green!!

Anyhow I have pictures to attach. The Spanish Elders were living in it before (and though they are offended to think that they are dirty, we had to wipe the WHOLE PLACE down). And as fun as that is, we found a little visitor on Saturday night. Yep, a mouse. The elders keep saying "we never saw a mouse when we lived there." Well, of course not, you lived in a pig sty, and once we cleaned everything they had to come out in search of food. So we went to Walmart, because as I was standing on the couch and repeating "THIS IS NOT OK," and we bought 6 mouse traps. I woke up that night at about 12:30 and could hear one in our room, so I woke Sister L up and we went searching for it, but it must have been in the walls or something, but we did see its bite marks on some of her stuff on the floor. (YUCK!!) And at that time we checked the traps and had caught one. SO GROSS! Luckily the elders like us enough to come and get rid of it for us in the morning. We also caught another one last night. Seriously this is so gross. It makes me so not happy, but I'm looking at it like an adventure. Right?! The house is actually better than our old apt, and the ward here is amazing. I got the welcome yesterday in this ward I thought I would have gotten before, but really it is just because they have never had sisters before.

So I'm about out of time. But I'm excited for this next part of the mission, a new adventure. :) Love you all!

Our new place

Sister L and me



  1. Do you know if Amanda has a new address to send her letters or would it still be her old one?

  2. Go ahead and send them to the mission office on this page. She has requested that I not put her mailing address on this page--so she doesn't get tomatoes thrown at her place!