Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September 5, 2012

Hello Utah!
Since Monday was Labor Day we just couldn't email since the libraries were all closed, but we still had P-day. Which includes cleaning the house, laundry, writing letters, and grocery shopping. Then we usually get together with the elders at some point and do something. This week they made us a smoothie, and we went to a big baptist church and played pool in their activities room,  with one of their investigators. The activities place is kinda an after school program building to keep the kids there out of trouble. Being there just reminded me of a well run business as she was explaining how things ran. So interesting.
Wednesdays we always write President, so we just are emailing families today too.
The ward here is quite small. I asked a girl if there were a lot of people missing since it was labor day weekend, and she said no. Seriously it was about the size of our chapel, with the curtain closed, and enough room between each family that everyone could have fit in just the big center rows. (I might exaggerate a little) But small.
With sisters not serving here in the last about 17 years, our area book needs a little TLC. Sister L and I are not super stoked about having to organize and get the ward pumped, everything we just did in our last place, but I realized the other day that maybe that is something God has given me and though it stinks not to be able to bask in our organized, trained area: I am not here to lay back and relax. So if I can be used, and work in this way, then I'll do it. :)
I luckily am dealing with this all really well, my stress is fine, except when Sister L. has a little break down and I think I have to do it all alone. Then I pray and I'm good. Really I have been blessed to know how my body is feeling so I can address my stress as it comes up.
I know we are out in the middle of no where, but I love it! There is a college here, and every day I am jealous of the college students. I miss school. But it is fun to be in a college community where there is so much life!

I love you all!! Can't wait to hear from you again... until next week! xoxoxo

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