Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September 24, 2012

Some weeks I'm just more homesick than others. And sometimes people say "oh I don't want to make you homesick by telling you too much about home etc." but it is actually worst for me when I don't think or talk about or look at pictures from home. Weird right? So I look at the pictures I have on the wall, and Sister L is so good and I think has caught on and asks me about home. I think it is just a stress release for me, and helps me to chill. But the weeks that are especially hard are the ones that Sister L is so sick and we spend a lot of time inside. When I am busy and out working the weeks go by fast, and are so fulfilling, but with everything going on lately that is not everyday.

So like I said Sister L has not been sleeping. And on Tuesday after District meeting her face and ears were hot and she had rashes. We called Sister Augustin, and she took benadryl, and then could not sleep one bit that night because she was congested and couldn't breathe. (yes I worry about her not sleeping and lately have not had very restful sleep.) But then in the early morning she took more Benadryl and then slept in until 1:15 that afternoon. She always stays in bed for a long time, and I still just get up at 6:30 and go in the living room and do as much quiet exercising as I can. I try and strengthen my back, since I have pain there, and do lots of sit ups. This week I realized I can "jump rope" (I don't actually have a jump rope) in one corner of the room where it doesn't make the floor squeak. That has been a good work out. :) So I do that for a half hour then shower and get ready for an hour. Then at 8 with my cereal in hand (or oatmeal, you should be so proud) I pray and start personal study. Then at 9 is comp study where we read out of the white handbook and sing a hymn and prepare for our lessons. The first 12 weeks of a mission the new missionary is "training" so we have a training book that tells us what to focus on for the week and we have 2 hours of comp study instead of the one. So we do that until 11. Then have lunch usually and go teach until dinner then go out again until 9 and then come home, plan, get ready for bed, and lights out at 10:30.

But on the other side of things, this place is booming! We have about 5 progressing inv. and we met with one girl Ashley yesterday and she told us how much she loves the Book of Mormon. We have met with her once before and at that appointment we gave her Alma 32 to read and she said she read it like over 5 times. She is just so hungry for the gospel. We are so excited for her, but we just have to help her boyfriend see how important it is too. And seriously can I tell you how much I hate that people live together! We have another couple we are teaching who are living together too (they have 2 kids) and the whole need to get married to be baptized thing is throwing everything off! Marriage is a big deal so they don't take it lightly. Stupid Satan and the modern world of living together!! gah!

Anyhow, that is my basic schedule. Mondays we are free after we comp study for an hour, and then we email and go shopping and then have to go out to teach again at 6. Tuesdays we have District meeting from 10-11:30 at the church. Wed at 11 we come and email President for an hour and go on or Then Thursdays nothing, Fridays we weekly plan till like 2. And Saturdays nothing. Then Church on Sunday at 10:15. There is the Spanish branch who starts church at 9 and then we come and have sacrament last. yep. That's life here in the land of enchantment.

Love you all!
Until next week
Sister. P.

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