Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1, 2012

First off I want to share something I am so excited about with you: I GET TO FEED A BABY COW A BOTTLE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Since this is dairy land I have been dreaming about these cute little calves. And yesterday the EQ President came up to me and told me that he heard I wanted to feed a bottle to one (this has not been something I have kept secret!) And he told me that they feed them everyday at 2 and that I could come over!!! He said they also feed them at 4 AM and I told him I'd be there at 2 :) I have been so excited all morning! I cannot wait! (yes it will probably be stinky, but I am still so excited! I will send lots of pictures next week!)

And the RS broadcast was great! We went and had baked potatoes with the ward, and had 1 inv. with us. The funny thing was that we had a mix up with a new satellite thing so we ended up watching it on the bishop's I-pad. A new experience for me! A lot of women left and went home to watch it on TV, but there were like 10-15 of us who stayed and watched it like that! Every day is an adventure out here! 
I had a really tough week this week. Not even sure exactly why, since the work is moving nicely along (5 inv at church on Sunday and such amazing spiritual lessons!), but I cried a lot the beginning of the week. I started wearing waterproof mascara because I was so emotional. And it all led down to homesickness. Missions are hard, and I never have done well with being away from home, we all know I cried every time I went to girls camp, even when Mom, Dad, and Cami were all there. But we are given trials to humble us, to stretch, and strengthen us. And I am feeling MUCH MUCH better. When there is a problem in life prayer is the cure. And everyday it has gotten a bit easier, though I was still so excited to write today. :)

Sister L is doing much better. We saw the therapist on Friday, and the day or two leading up to that she really pulled back. She was not very social, and was really nervous. But prayers were yet again answered, and she was able to open up to him, and talk to him. He is the therapist for this mission and quite a few other ones (like Oklahoma too) and is based out of Lubbock. He will drive to see her every other week, and gave us homework until then. He actually told her to tell me a lot of the things he teaches so I can benefit from them too. I am excited to grow from this too. He told her that sister missionaries really work differently and have to have different support to work well. We aren't boys and don't work like they do. So we are working on transforming our companionship to work more efficiently, and he is working with her to reduce her stress. He said that by he end she will be sleeping through the night (right now she only gets about 2 hours a night.) He also said a great quote "If you're out here for a baptism you are out her for the wrong reason." Perspective is everything.
I was so excited to write home today! Because I love you all and miss our quirky family! Thank you for all your support and constant prayers and fasting. I can feel the love all the way down here! Until next week:
xoxo Sister Peterson!

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