Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012

First off:

Conference: AMAZING!!! We watched it at the church and there were about ten of us there on each Sunday session, and only us missionaries on Saturday. (excluding the member of the bishopric who had to come and be with us during each session) The Sunday sessions we had 2 investigators at the first session and one at the second! The spirit was amazing, and they said they liked it. Especially President Monson's since they could see that he is a real person!
And with his first announcement there was a sure shock in the room, but we could feel the excitement! I guess I'll be possibly training a 19 year old at some point! So crazy! Especially because when all my friends at 19 were leaving I was so jealous, so that is so cool for all those sisters right now!! It just shows how we are in the latter days! Jacob 5 talks all about this and especially verses 61-62!! Sister L. is pretty sure China is gonna open up soon, so we need more missionaries to cover that too!!

Conference was all about aligning our will with God's and is something that I am really going to try and work on. To leave behind my previous life, as talked about by Elder Holland. To not be a fisherman anymore but a fisher of men. And with that I decided I need to have complete and full purpose of heart, so I decided to just write friends at the end of each month. I still want and love letters, but this way I am not writing all Monday, and not wishing I could be back home. So don't stop the letters by any means, just know that I am not ignoring anyone, the letters are coming, just not as frequently.

Last week we went right after grocery shopping to FEED BABY COWS!!! Life goal done!! I have pictures to send! It was like Christmas morning I was so excited!

Also, I've been hating my clothes and having dreams about shopping, and we stopped at a consignment store here, and I bought 3 new cute skirts for $11. Happy day!!

This was a crazy busy week: with cows, and conference, and then we had interviews with President on Wednesday. I was nervous because I didn't know what to expect, but it went well. President was so supportive and is just so nice. It was good to talk to him, and hear how I can improve and be better.

Yes transfers are next week on Tuesday. This Saturday at 9 pm they call to tell us what we are doing. Sister L. thinks she is leaving because she had a dream about it. I really do love this girl, and we do have similar likes and senses of humor, so if we do separate I will be sad. But I'm also ready for more. So we'll see what happens. It's not in my hands anyway.

Sister L. is doing better. We are working hard, and seeing great things happen here! The thing that has hit me most this week, since the bishop here asked us to go see some Less Actives, is that people are just lonely. If they had a friend they would not be in the place they are. So my push to each of you is to do your home/visiting teaching! To not just go and check it off your list but get to know the person and love them! It would help the world be a better place, and help us missionaries out too!

Hope you know how much I love you all! Sorry for being a slacker this week! and I hope you like my pictures! I am so grateful for family and friends who are so supportive and loving! I hope you know how grateful I am for every little thing you do for me! The Church is True.

Keep the Faith!
Love Sister P.

Oh ps pictures: me feeding a new born (like a few hours old) with the owner's son. He was 4 and knew everything about the farm! Then we helped fill up the bottles and distribute them into their little holes in the cow homes. Super fun! With my whole district.

Also I am growing out my bangs, this is Sister L and I doing our pretty faces. Don't you want to hear about the gospel from us beauties?!

And my shrine to my nieces and nephews :)

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