Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2014

I got your package with all the fun (zucchini bread) and not so fun (the dead bug) surprises!! It was a great way to start off the week! I also just looked through the enormous amount of photo's you sent.
We had a very great week with lots of great stuff accomplished- which is amazing because Thursday night I felt so sick we had to come in early and then I went to be around 10 and didn't wake up until 3:00 in the afternoon!! My body had said I'm done, that's it! And I had an upset stomach all day that day too, but by Sunday I was feeling much better! Knowing that the clock is ticking with my time left as a missionary I am pushing full steam ahead every day, and I think getting sick is God's way of telling me to slow down. And I think my companions like the break too. But after just one day of being sick- I am completely tired of it! It is no fun to be sick- but it is especially no fun to be sick as a missionary. I called Sister Augustin when I was felling really bad and said, "I just wish I could call my mom, but I can't so I'm calling you." When I told her how I had slept for like a half day she told me she was proud of me because she knows I am not the type to just do that.  There is not a lot you can really do around the apartment when you are sick so I was so glad when I was feeling better so we could get back out there.
Before I was sick we had the Sisters from Midland come. Sister Tu from Elk Ridge (I believe) is our Sister trainer leader, and she brought her two companions who she is training. Sister B from Hooper, UT, and Sister To from like Sandy. Sister Tu has been out now about a year and has been a trainer the WHOLE TIME! I told her I feel so bad for her, but she says she doesn't know anything different, so this is just life. She is awesome and it was nice to be able to work with them, and learn with them and encourage and support them too.
We have an exciting day today: we are going SKIRT SHOPPING! There is this amazing woman in our ward, Sister Z: her daughter is in the Twin Falls mission right now. But she has been working with like 5 of her friends and we have a lesson in her home at least once a week, so we have gotten to know her really well. Anyhow- we were asking her where her daughter got skirts for her mission because last week we went to the mall, but had zero luck. Nothing is mission appropriate. Or if it is it is really pricey. So she said today she would take us to some secondhand stores and show us around the shopping in town! I have been dying for something new to wear so I am so very excited!!
Oh another quick update! President had a conf call this past week and next Tuesday, because we have all being working so hard, we are having a fun day! A day full of outside activities to relax a bit and fellowship one another! We are playing baseball up in Abilene with the missionaries in that zone. Each zone has a different day of the week (since our mission is too huge). But we are all very excited and this is unheard of! yay yay!!
I love you all!!

we had zone training and the sisters from brownwood came out! :)

This is R, we were teaching her but she was moving so she wanted to give us a gift! It is a solar system spray painting! Who knew- it's just like the big city life! haha so talented so cool!

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