Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5, 2012

Hello Family,
So things are looking up around here. I have found that the days that seem to be my very lowest, the days Satan is working on me the hardest are the days that as I hold on, things break through. Sister S and I are finally fine. We aren't best friends or anything, but we are fine companions. I think it was a lot that she is new, and so she was adjusting to missionary life. Now that she sees the way that things work, she is trying to help me carry the load. For the first time (I think) she finally sees everything that I am constantly thinking about and working on to help the work and our investigators. We talked about it this past week, and there is a lot less tension in the relationship.
I am still learning myself how to handle the daily stresses that come with missionary work, but I am working my hardest to rely on the Lord, and with Him get through the trials of each day. I know that it is the Holy Ghost that is the real teacher, and am just focusing on keeping the Spirit with me, and it will all work out. In my email back from President how training is going, I had told him how stressful it is, and he told me that I need to just concentrate on being a good missionary, not a perfect trainer, or whatever else I worry about, but just to be the best missionary I can possibly be. As I focus on that, things are coming together. I can't control our inv. or my companion, or the situations that come up, but I can control myself.  I am just so grateful for all the support I have from all the people who love me, at home and out here. We were at our investigator's house, John (he has a problem with the Book of Mormon) but as I closed our lesson with a prayer, I asked that our families would be safe as they are far away from all of us who were in the room. After the prayer, he said "Sister Peterson, your family is not far away!" -I thought, I know they aren't across the whole United States (he's from Florida) but Utah is still far! and as I gave him a confused look he replied, "Your family is here, all around you." Meaning the people I am teaching and have grown to love, the people in the ward, and those people who I am around daily. I feel like I constantly learn more from my investigators than they learn from me. It is a true testimony that though I am here doing God's work, He has not left me alone, but is extremely mindful of me, and what I also need. Because little did John know, but that pierced my heart, because it is true. :)
Ok... about the baptism with Sara this weekend. Yesterday she brought this boy to church with her, and last night when we went over for  our lesson, he was there again cooking in her kitchen. So when we first get there she says to us that she has been thinking about it and wants to wait to be baptized until THE SPRING! She said that she feels too stressed right now, and then it will be thanksgiving, and then finals and so she just thinks the spring will be good! :( We talked it out and I asked if she had received that answer in prayer, and so she said she will pray about it and tell us her answer on Wednesday! :( But as we kept talking to her, it comes out that this boy is her boyfriend and he has no interest in the church, and she said that they are now looking for a church that they BOTH want to go to!!! Mind you she has only been dating this boy for 2 days!! :(Stupid boys ruin everything!) The most ridiculous part about it is that when we taught her like the 2nd time she was having boy troubles with another guy and she said she prayed about it and felt like she shouldn't have a boyfriend right now! And then this!! Satan is working on her, so we just keep praying, because we have done all we can do. Grrrr. So we'll see. I'll let you know!
Anyhow that's all for this week! We have been meeting some amazing prepared people! I'll update you next week!
I love you all! thanks for all the support from those I love!
xoxoxo-Sister P.

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