Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26, 2012

Sounds like you had quite the grand Thanksgiving! I am so sad I missed it, but am getting used to it :) It just didn't really feel like Thanksgiving without my family, but such is life currently. :) We did have a nice Thanksgiving. It started out with us going to A and E's house to help them with their Thanksgiving preparations. We had a nice time visiting with them. Then we stopped by a member family in our ward and met their daughter who goes to school in Arizona, and whom we had heard so much about. We then went to  our ward mission leader's house. He also has a daughter who is not of our faith, and we have been teaching. At this point I was pretty sad to not have my own family around, but they had invited 2 sisters in our ward, and one is going to school and in her like 50's and the other one, J, is military. I am so glad that they invited J because she is very loud and fun and welcoming and just made things feel at home. We stayed and ate (amazing food! EVERYTHING was homemade!) They also had prime rib because their son doesn't like turkey, so that was interesting, and I sure did miss Mom's frozen cranberry salad! We then went to Clovis to the church there and got together with the elders for some b-ball and games. I was pretty tired at that point, but had a nice day. The holidays are sure hard being away from home, but just one more round of these next year and I'll be staring Utah right in the face! That will be nice to look forward to! AND I am so SO excited for my call home! It is going to be here and gone so fast, but I'm anxious for Christmas to be able to call!  

Also Thanksgiving really didn't feel like Thanksgiving because temperatures here were in the high 70's!!! I didn't even wear a jacket or my boots to stay warm all day! It was super crazy! Christmas will probably be about the same! It really only gets chilly here when the wind blows, but I always just wear that red jacket you sent. Never so cold I need gloves or a real coat!
We had our transfer calls Saturday night and we are both staying. I almost wish I was going because I am ready to move on. I know that I am here for a reason though, and can see how there are certain investigators that I still need to help. I honestly am getting more and more attached here, and think it would just be easier to leave now though. But I'm not in charge. I do love this ward, and our investigators, and am just afraid of how hard it is going to be to leave in another 6 weeks!! The crazy part about transfers this time is that out of the 8 missionaries in our area 5 of them are leaving!! So that will be fun to meet the new elders.
Our investigators are doing well. We didn't see a lot of them this past week, since a lot of them left for the holiday or had family here for the holiday and so we are ready to hit it hard again this week. Also everyone is getting sick here too. I guess it's because it is super warm one day and then at night it is cold. Sister S got sick and is so kindly sharing with me :( but we are going to gear up on medicine and such today at the store.
Sara's new baptismal date is supposed to be Dec 1st, but she went out of town with her boyfriend (boo!) and never responded to any of our texts... So that is completely up in the air! But we are seeing miracles, and blessing come forth! One step at a time!
I love you all, and thank you for all your prayers and love!

Can you believe this week is December! Love you! xoxoxo

Sister Peterson
attached are pictures of our little district outside our house! Sorry the one with all of us is blurry! :)

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