Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December 4, 2012

The reason I am writing today and not yesterday is because we had Christmas Zone Conference. We didn't know about it last Monday or else I would have let you know. We had it in Lubbock with half the mission! And I hung out with the sisters the whole time. Sister L (prior companion) and L (MTC companion) were there, too, so that was fun, but also there were lots of sisters I have never met, but we all connected and had a grand time! So excited for future transfers to be able to get to know and work with these other sisters! 

Also be happy I am being put to good use. I led the caroling songs (about 7 songs) yesterday. My arm was tired by the end, but I was not nervous so it was good! :)

AND great news! I did not know for sure last Monday BUT WE HAVE SISTERS HERE IN CLOVIS!!! In my old apartment! I call them my sisters of salvation! Because I have NEVER served around sisters and this is an answer to my prayers! To be able to spend the holidays with them, and to be able to talk to them! Such a blessing in my life! Plus they are both new to the area and I know Clovis since I started there! That is another tender mercy. That I can actually help because Sister O is like me and just got done training and is now training Sister G. Everything happens for a reason and this is such a blessing in my life! We all drove together to Lubbock yesterday and I just love it! 

So this week has been amazing! But super abnormal too. Like I got thrown up on, by a lady's daughter during the prayer at the end of our lesson. Yep, right on my skirt! We went straight home and I showered. So great!

And Sara has been MIA until last night when she told us she has strep... So I'll keep you updated on that.

BUT the best news of all is our investigator C. His friend, a member, texted us and said her friend wanted to meet with us. So we did, and the first words out of his mouth were "If I join your church do I have to give up iced tea?" It really reminded me of Granddad and how he said that was the hardest thing to give up! He had dated a Mormon and knew a lot! And also some funny things too! Like he was CONVINCED we had a secret handshake in the church. Like to get into the temple we are all hip-bumping and pounding eachother to get through the doors. COULD YOU IMAGINE all those sweet old people doing a long involved hand shake of fun? Too great! So we met with him and last night had our 3rd and most amazing lesson! The Spirit was so strong and he admitted to himself that he knows this is true! It is seriously the most amazing thing! His current hang up is his family. His dad is a preacher, and all his friends are from Bible camps. He knows that he might lose everything for this decision. But he is willing to make it! He has been now contemplating BYU to get out of here, and I have told Cami to FB him. I just want to help him in ANY way that I can. This is such a hard step in his life, and I am so in awe of him! I am also trying to convince him to go on a mission! Wouldn't that be amazing! One day I hope to introduce you all to him. His conversion has been a life changing event for me. This Church is the one true Church, and this is the most amazing work in the world! I am just so grateful to be living my life in a way that Heavenly Father has blessed me with the opportunity to be His instrument. 

Well I could go on for hours, and can't wait to one day tell you of all my experiences, but I have to jet. I love you all! Merry Christmas! Today it is like 70 degrees, so enjoy the snow for me! Love you! xoxoxoxo

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