Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10, 2012

Guess what?!? We woke up to SNOW this morning!! How crazy is that!! Very fun for us here, since we have been having weather in the 70's most of this December. It was just enough snow to cover the ground, and I'm pretty sure it will melt by the end of the day, but it made it feel like the holiday season for once! 

Mom, I forgot to tell you I did get your Christmas package at the Christmas Zone Conference, I brought it back to the apartment and didn't open it for a full day until Sister Smith realized her gifts were all wrapped, so then I opened mine to see if my gifts were wrapped (which they were!) And we put them all out under the tree! I still am so excited to be able to have my real Christmas gift: To talk to you all!!! I am so excited, and it feels like it won't be real and I know it is going to go by way to fast, but I'll cherish it nonetheless.

Well my updates for the week is that I know the new diet! It's called lose about 3 pounds in one week! Do two days of fasting and then have 3 days of being sick with no appetite and wala: before you know it you can see all your ribs! Yep, I got sick this weekend! And I was doing so well at not being homesick and nothing brings more thoughts of home then being stuck in bed all day! All I wanted was my mama. :( But I am feeling much better today and am going to get right back into the swing of things so that my thoughts will be busy again. And I'm not sure what I was struck down with. I never actually threw up, but I sure did not want to eat, and standing up made me woosy, and I had the chills (so much fun right?) I slept about 16 hours on Friday and after not being able to concentrate during our two lessons that night I went home and back to bed and slept till 11 am the next day. I then got a blessing from the elders (there is nothing worse than being sick as a missionary, you are limited to what to do with your extra time, and it just does nothing for any of your purpose) and went back to bed after the elders came for about 3 hours, and then kept myself awake so I could sleep at night. I then got a 12 hour sleep that night and went to church yesterday. Breakfast before church was the first real meal (yes cheerios) I had basically had all weekend. So then after church we went and visited a few people and I went to bed last night and had another 12 hours of sleep. I dunno what was up with me, but I am feeling more normal today. Which I am so grateful for. This weekend was awful, but now that I have put in my sick time, I call that I don't get sick for the rest of my mission (a girl can hope right?)

So with me being sick this weekend I have seen the proof that nothing works quite as well as work. We only had one investigator at church on Sunday. :( Yes, it is up to them, but it would have helped to have us there to invite them. But it just puts a new fire in me to do my best this week. 

I'm not sure what else to update you on. The ward is doing amazing! This week we have dinner appointments every night! We are getting referrals like crazy which means that our time is being well spent which is so rewarding! Our investigator teaching pool is great, if we can just get people to come to church. It is all about their desire. My favorite thing is when our investigators start giving us referrals. It is a sign that they are being converted when they want others to know their happiness too! It is the best! 

Oh! One excitement from this week is that before C left to go home he had us meet with his friend who has been telling him how awful our church is. She just wanted to bible bash, and it was quite nerve racking, but we held the meeting at a member's house, and after they left they said we did a good job. We taught her the plan of salvation, and until we taught her I have never realized the whole truths we have. Or I guess how confused some people are. She said that angels and humans are different. Like a dog and a human. That they never get bodies. And people get really worked up when we talk about works. How we need to have good works, but they say it is only Jesus Christ that saves us and our works don't matter. But when we really do turn to Jesus our works will change? Which is such a hard concept to grasp.  I am so grateful that we have a clear perception of the "primary" answers to allow us return again to our Father in Heaven. She had me shaking out of nerves by the end of that lesson, but hopefully one day she will remember and see the things that ring true. All in a days work right? 

Mom I am grateful for your thought about faith in God's plan. It's true. This is difficult, but it's like a message Kate sent me:  "Every day on your mission you think about home, then every day for the rest of your life you think about your mission." 

I love and miss you all! I love you all! Merry Christmas!

xoxoxo Sister P.

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