Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12, 2012

I am happy I am not in Utah to hear about your snow and freezing temperatures! It is cold here , but not that cold. We haven't had any moisture, but the wind sure blows here! On Saturday it was so bad that at our investigator Sara's house a tree blew right over! We had just finished our lesson with her, and were at another lesson when she called us in a panic! She is down here at school, and didn't know who else to call. So we asked the people that we were currently teaching (two college girls) if they would mind, and they actually came with us. Sara was pretty overwhelmed, so I ended up calling the gas company and then they told me to call 911, since it fell right on the gas meter. The gas company guy did find a leak, so we were glad we called. It was quite the adventure! I attached pictures.
Lately on P-day it's been a running race. With all that we have to get done and then Sister S wants to do everything the elder's are doing and I look for ways everyday to try and make her happy, so we end up running all day. I honestly would just like to sit on my bed and write letters, but it's ok. I realized though this week that I need to send home more of my adventures. I STILL get letters with people commenting on my dead dog story! Yes I am that silly apparently! BUT most of my friends say they thought the same thing. It just shows how many kindred spirits I really have!
So updates on our Investigators: we had SIX at church yesterday, which was very happy! 4 of them want to be baptized, 3 of them need to marry their live-in's and the other one is Sara. No she did not get baptized this past week, but she did a lot of soul searching and knows that it is going to happen within the month. We have it set on Dec 1st because these next 2 week ends she will be out of town. We had some amazing lessons with her this week. I am so excited for her! I really am making friends for life, and my heart is getting attached.
We had zone conference this past week, and since we are the only sisters in all of New Mexico, that was fun. :) No the mission treats all the sisters really well, and President is wanting us to kick it up a notch and really show our loyalty to the Lord and really find those who are ready to be taught. It is always such an uplifting and powerful thing to get together with other missionaries, and to hear from President A.
My adventure for the week:
Ever since we moved here we have driven down this one road, it is the road we take to get to the main road in town. Well without fail at least once a day there are chickens, chickens crossing the road. Never in my life have a seen a chicken cross the road, but now I know EXACTLY where the joke comes from. So this time it's "why do the chickens cross the road?" "BECAUSE THE SISTER MISSIONARIES ARE COMING!"  -no lie. I had to honk today to get them out of the way.
I love you all, and look so forward to each Monday to hear from my family! I love you!  44 more days till we talk!!

xoxo Sister P.

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